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UwP = Underwater Photography Magazine

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Sell your kit

Advertise all your unwanted underwater photography kit with UwP and from only £7.50 your advert will ...

  • be seen by thousands of the world's most active underwater photographers
  • be listed on UwP's unique 'Kit for sale' page
  • have its own page complete with one or two large photos, your full description, price, location and email address
  • be shown on our website for 12 months (or until your kit is sold, whichever comes first)

And for just a small extra cost you can have extra words, a second photo and your own link to an external website.

UwP 'Sell your kit' advert prices
Up to 100 words and one free photo£7.50
Over 100 words (maximum 200 words)£5.00 extra
Second photo£5.00 extra
Link to an external website£5.00 extra

Before you start, please take a quick look at our 'How to sell your kit' page for some useful information.

Your contact details
Your advert

Browse to locate your advert photo(s)
One or two photos may be uploaded. Photos are resized to a max width or height of 750 pixels (smaller photos are not enlarged). Ideally, file sizes should be no more than about 1,000 KB each. Important! The size of all file(s) uploaded must not exceed a total of 5,000 KB, each with a max width or height of 3,000 pixels.

Important! Please very carefully check the email address you have supplied as an email will be sent to that address confirming your advert details.

The next page will show you a preview of your UwP advert. You will be able to return to this page to make alterations if required.


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