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How to sell your kit

It's easy to sell your unwanted underwater photo kit with UwP web page advert.


Just visit our 'Sell your kit' page, fill in the simple form, upload one (or two) photos, pay securely by PayPal and you're done.

Here are just a few hints and tips to help you get the best from your UwP advert.

Best time to advertise?

Now is always the best time to sell your unwanted underwater photo kit but, if you're like me, you'll always find an excuse to put it off, don't, as UwP 'Kit for sale' adverts are being read every minute of every day around the world :-)

Advert title

Your advert title can have a maximum of 12 words. (Don't put the 'For sale -' into your advert title as we do that for you.)

Be sure to include the most important details here, such as brand names and type of kit, e.g. 'Nauticam Housing for Nikon D800' or 'Fantasea Flash Housings'.


If you want a quick sale, do some research and try to find prices for similar equipment on the Internet and then go a bit lower. The value of older models of cameras and housings plummets considerably so if you want to sell it, make the price attractive :-)

For older, film equipment it is unlikely you will find a buyer who actually wants to use it, so its value is usually a fraction of the price you paid. Our advice would be, to clear that shelf, chop that price.

Your price can be shown in the currency of your choice as most buyers will have access to an online currency convertor.

Your price can also include a few other words, such as 'or near offer', 'includes shipping'. etc.


This is handy to give potential buyers an idea of where your kit is located, or if they could come and inspect or collect.

Advert text

On our 'Kit for sale' index page, we show the first 40 words of your advert text. So be sure to include within your first 40 words the most essential details to catch the eye.

Our 'Kit for sale' index page also has a search tool, so again it's important to include all brand names and type of kit, but these don't all have to be within the first 40 words as all of the text of your advert will be searched.

Top tip: Prepare your advert text with your computer's word processor or text editing tool. This will allow you to check your exact word count and the wording of your advert before submission. At this time your text can also be saved to a file on your computer. This can be very useful if you need to change and resubmit your advert again later. When you're ready, simply copy and paste all of your text into our advert text box.

When you've filled out the form and clicked the 'Click to continue' button, all of the details of your advert are saved and you can see a preview of your advert. Check all of the details carefully and return to the form to make changes if necessary.

Our 'Kit for sale' adverts do not include any user HTML, formatting, paragraphs, bold text, etc., so don't trouble to include any.


On our 'Kit for sale' index page, we show a small version of your large advert photo, so make sure that your photo is carefully cropped, sharp and well lit to make it look as attractive as possible.

Uploaded photos with pixel dimensions greater than 750 pixels wide or high are automatically resized to a maximum width or height of 750 pixels. For best results, and the fastest upload times, if possible use your own graphics software to size to a maximum width and/or height of 750 pixels.

If you upload a second photo, note that photos are shown in alphanumeric order. E.g. photo1.jpg is the small photo that will be shown on our 'Kit for sale' index page and the top photo on your own advert page. E.g. photo2.jpg would not be shown on our index page and would be the bottom large photo on your own advert page.

For speed of uploading, keep your photo file size to no more than 1,000 KB. The total KB size of all file(s) uploaded via our form must not exceed 5,000 KB. Note that exceeding this limit will take an unnecessarily long time to upload and may result in our website refreshing to our home page before the upload has completed.

Link to another website

You can optionally include a link to an external website with more information.


We hope that your kit sells quickly. When your advert is added to our website we email you a cancellation code. To cancel your advert, and avoid unnecessary further enquiries, simply visit the 'Cancel your advert' page on our website, enter the email address you used when you placed your advert, and the cancellation code and your advert will then immediately be marked as 'Sold'.

If you lose your cancellation code you can request a reminder from our 'Cancel your advert' page.

Changes to adverts

Once published, adverts cannot be changed, only cancelled.

If you sell part of your kit, cancel the existing advert and place a new one with updated advert text and a new photo. This will have the benefit of bringing your advert closer to the top of 'Kit for sale' index page.

Publication of adverts

All 'Kit for sale' adverts on the UwP website are humanly checked for suitability before publication. This is usually done well within 24 hours of submission and notification of payment by PayPal. We will let you know by email when your advert has appeared on our website.

Payment scam warning

If you're ever asked for your bank account password or other security details to receive funds, never ever divulge this information to anyone, regardless of how plausible they may sound.


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