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UwP99 — Nov/Dec 2017, 82 pages.

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  • Blue Planet II
  • UwP99
  • Gladius Submersible Drone

News Travel & Events

  • New from Master Liveaboards
  • Beneath the Sea 2018
  • Arctic Whale Expeditions Winter 2017 - 2018
  • Anilao Photo & Video Workshop 2018
  • Truk Lagoon 2018 with Brook Peterson
  • 50% discount on all domestic flights
  • Palau Liveaboard 
  • UPY 2018 closing date 2nd Jan 2018

New Products 

  • Ikelite housing for Nikon D850
  • Nauticam NA-D7500 housing for the Nikon D7500
  • TRT-Electronics mobie 
  • TRT-Electronics o-TURTLE
  • Sealux HXA25 housing for Canon XA25
  • Fantasea FA6000 housing for the Sony a6000
  • New Ultralight AC-H1/4 handles
  • Acquapazza APSO-A9 housing for the Sony α9
  • Nauticam NA-D850 housing for the Nikon D850
  • INON LF1300-EWf
  • Subal ND850 for Nikon D850
  • Acquapazza 200 metre domes
  • Sea & Sea Optical Dome Port II 100
  • SECA DS100 Telescopic Pole Camera
  • Nimar housing NIGH5 for Panasonic GH5 
  • Maldives nudibranchs by Jim Anderson

Product reviews

  • Olympus EM-1 Mk11 & EP14 by Phil Rudin
  • Nauticam WACP by Alex Mustard
  • Gladius Submersible Drone by Peter Rowlands

Competitions & Exhibitions

  • Competitions by Peter Rowlands
  • Looking for whales by Wade & Robyn Hughes

Marine life

  • Lion fish invasion by Jean Michel Machefert 
  • Killer tooth ache by Dr Ingrid N. Visser


  • Blue Heron Bridge by Phil Rudin


  • Wonderful journey by Tim Rock 
  • Book review by Peter Rowlands

My Shot by Ricardo A. Valera

Parting Shot by Jean Michel Machefert



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UwP98 — Sept/Oct 2017, 77 pages.

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  • Auto ISO
  • Hats off to Retra
  • Scientific research

News Travel & Events

  • American Crocodiles at Banco Chinchorro
  • UW Photographer Gerald Nowak joins Fiji Siren
  • In-Water Photographer of the Year Competition
  • Basking Shark Research
  • Wide Angle Uw Photography Boot Camp, Roatan

New Products

  • Best Uw compact cameras for 2017
  • Nauticam NA-A9 housing for the Sony A9
  • Radiant 3000F Video Light
  • Subal Q V3 for Leica Q
  • Ikelite 200DLM/A housing for Canon EOS M6
  • Dive Rite HP50
  • Sony RX0 1-inch sensor in a rugged and ultra-compact body
  • Nauticam NA-XT2 for Fujifilm X-T2
  • Ikelite DLM 6 inch Dome Port with Zoom
  • i-Turtle
  • Leak Insure Extra Value
  • UW Technics TTL converter for Canon
  • Gopole Triad Grip GoPro Tray
  • INON UW Variable Red Filter M67
  • Acquapazza’s Panasonic GH5 housing
  • Aquatica AGH5 Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 housing
  • Inon Dome Port Cover S
  • Acquapazza APSG-sdQ housing for the Sigma sdQuattro
  • Philippines 50 Best Dives
  • MANTA: Secret Life of Devil Rays
  • Freeze Frame by Doug Allan

Equipment reviews

  • Ikelite Olympus EM-1 Mk11 by Phil Rudin
  • Retra Flash review by Alex Mustard
  • Olympus 30mm macro by Phil Rudin
  • Inon UCL-167 by Phil Rudin


  • Anders Nyberg by Hergen Spalink


  • Filters in Uw archaeology by Augusto Salgado 
  • Conservation photography  by Tom Burd


  • The Alphonse Group by Christopher Mason-Parker
  • MCZ by Andrew Ball 
  • St Pierre, Martinique by Jean Michel Machefert
  • Marine Parks by Attila Kaszo

Parting Shot by Keith Hiscock


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UwP97 — Jul/Aug 2017, 60 pages.

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  • Videux
  • Recovering reefs
  • Plymouth Sound Marine Reserve

News Travel & Events

  • Tiger shark & Great Hammerhead Diving
  • Spirit of Niugini Southern Islands with Chris Bartlett
  • Basking Sharks arrive back in the Hebrides
  • 60,000-Year-Old Underwater Forest Revealed
  • First Think Pink Photo Competition
  • Sharks and Crocs, Cuba
  • Wrasse campaign 2017
  • Lembeh Photo Fun Week
  • UPY Chavonnes Battery exhibition returns for its 2nd year

New Products

  • Hugyfot Vision Hero 5
  • i-TURTLE XS & s-TURTLE Flash Triggers
  • Nauticam NA-GH5 for Panasonic GH5
  • Paralenz Dive Camera
  • Olympus PT-058 Housing for TG-5
  • Sea & Sea SA8 Series Ball Clamp II
  • Acquapazza developments
  • HugyFloat - neutral buoyancy redefined
  • AOI UMG-01 Magnifier
  • Fantasea FML Ports for Mirrorless Housings
  • Aquatica Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mk II
  • Ikelite 200DLM/A housing for Olympus PEN E-PL8
  • Sea & Sea SA8 Ball Base for Accessory Shoe II
  • Subal Navy line
  • Retra Flash pre-production update!
  • Ikelite 200DL housing for Canon EOS 80D
  • Gladius Underwater Drone
  • CineBags CB76 Tool Kit
  • Anglerfish Trigger remote slave sensor
  • Gates Seal Check Lite
  • Sealux Sony HDFS5


  • Sea Slugs of India
  • Dive Scapa Flow 100th anniversary Edition
  • Scottish Nudibranchs
  • Videux


  • 50 and counting by Phil Rudin
  • Olympus TG-5 & PT-058 by Backscatter staff
  • Cine bags CB27 by Adam Hanlon
  • Olympus 8mm F1.8 and Nauticam 140 dome by Phil Rudin
  • Videux  by Chris Parsons


  • Cay of pigs by Chris Knight 

My Shot by Alex Tyrell

Parting Shot  by Douglas David Seifert


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UwP96 — May/Jun 2017, 74 pages.

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  • People v Science
  • Video angle of coverage
  • Back issues offer of £9.95

News, Travel & Events

  • Wetpixel Whalesharks 2017
  • Blue Whale Expedition
  • Alor Photo contest 2016 winner
  • Underwater filmmaking with David Diley
  • Solomon Islands photo competition
  • Dive Explore Indonesia
  • Maldives with Backscatter
  • Blue Heron Bridge Photo Workshop
  • 2018 Shootout captains announced
  • BIUPC 2017
  • British Wildlife Photography Awards 2017

New Products

  • Keldan Video 8X 11000lm CRI92 upgrade
  • Ikelite Canon-7d-Mark-II housing
  • BS Kinetics housing for the Leica S
  • Xit404 Body Caps
  • CineBags Revolution BackPack CB25B
  • Deepshots Panasonic Lumix G 12-32mm zoom gear
  • VL15000P-PRO MINI
  • Tovatec Fusion Series
  • INON Monitor Housing for LVR3
  • Ikelite Olympus-E-M1-Mark-II-a
  • Nauticam Arri Alexa
  • Weefine Divergo-1
  • Sealux CS Panasonic GH5 housing
  • Nimar NI7DMK2WB for Canon EOS 7D Mark II
  • FishSpy camera
  • Fantasea Sony a6500 and a6300 housing
  • Seacam compact Sony A7 II R/S
  • Aquatica Sony Alpha 6500 housing
  • Ultralight “Sue’s Knuckles (AC-CSSK)
  • The 50 Best Dives in Micronesia
  • Anilao Nudibranchs 2016

Product Reviews

  • WeeFine Ring Light 1000 by Peter Rowlands


  • Our World Underwater 2017 winners

Marine Life

  • Coral Bleaching on the GBR By Bob Halstead


  • Diving Papua New Guinea by Scott Portelli
  • Dumaguete by Nigel Marsh & Helen Rose
  • Down Mexico way with Alex Tattersall
  • Alorese fishing traps by Gilles Brignardello
  • Canadian Salmon by Fernando Lessa
  • Farne Islands, UK by Jean Michel Machefert

My Shot

  • by Tony Myshlyaev & Martin Sczyrba

Parting Shot

by Jean Michel Machefert


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UwP95 — Mar/Apr 2017, 76 pages.

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  • UPY 2017
  • You couldn't make it up

News, Travel & Events

  • Master Liveaboards goes Bikini
  • Seasick Productions Bali Photo and Video Workshop
  • ‘Wildlife Exposed’ crowd funding
  • Lembeh Photo Fun Week
  • Featured-Creatures online magazine
  • Polar Bear Expedition
  • Worldwide Dive and Sail to merge
  • 2017 Adventures with Basking Shark Scotland
  • The Shootout Returns It’s back and it is serious…

New Products

  • Nauticam NA-EM1II housing for the 
  • Olympus E-M1 II
  • CineBags protective port cases
  • Ikelite housing for Panasonic GH5
  • Sea & Sea MDX-D500 for Nikon D500
  • Isotta housings & accessories from Backscatter
  • Nauticam NA-A6500 for the Sony a6500
  • Ikelite housing for the Olympus Tough TG-4
  • Olympus PT-EP14 Housing for EM1 MKII
  • SeaLife DC2000
  • MUVI K Action cam
  • Hugyfot HFC-5D MkIV housing Canon 5DMkIV
  • Subal XT2 for Fujifilm X-T2
  • Subal GoPro HERO 5
  • Fantasea UWL-09F
  • INON UCL-67 M67/UCL-67 LD Close-up Lens
  • Acquapazza APSO-A6500 housing for the 
  • Sony A6500
  • Sealux CC5D4 for Canon EOS 5D MKIV
  • Seacam workshops
  • Olympus TG-Tracker Lighting Package
  • Two new Dive Guide Books from Nigel Marsh


  • UPY 2017
  • Ocean Art 2016

Equipment reviews

  • Olympus E-M1 Mark II & Nauticam NA-EM1 II by Phil Rudin
  • Sealife DC2000 camera by Jussi Hokkanen
  • Turtle TTL Optical  Flash Trigger by Alex Tyrrell


  • The eyes have it by Phil Rudin

Marine life

  • Shooting crocodiles with Chris Knight


  • Diving Antarctica with Scott Portelli

Parting Shot

  • by Peter Rowlands & Steve Jones

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UwP94 — Jan/Feb 2017, 69 pages.

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  • Trident OpenROV
  • Jack Perks’ book
  • Envy

News Travel & Events

  • American Crocodiles at Banco Chinchorro
  • Digital Shootout in Bonaire
  • Manta Fest 2017
  • Great Hammerheads, Tiger Sharks & Dolphins
  • Jason deCaires Taylor’s Underwater Sculptures
  • Moorea Ocean Adventures
  • Scuba Videos
  • Solitary Islands, NSW
  • Gerald Rambert workshop in Raja Ampat

New Products

  • Nauticam NA-H4D Hasselblad H4D/H3D systems
  • This is iBubble
  • Ikelite Vacuum Kit for 3/8 Inch Holes
  • 360Abyss™ v4
  • Fantasea Housing For Sony RX100 V
  • MPAC Dive
  • Two new upgraded Keldan lights
  • BS Kinetics universal video housing
  • Sea & Sea MDX-5D Mark IV for Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
  • Aquatica Canon 5DMk IV housing
  • Ikelite 200FL TTL Housing for Nikon D3300, D3400 DSLR Cameras
  • Introducing Bonex Scooters & DPVs
  • Orcatorch Dive Lights
  • Backscatter Flip 5
  • Acquapazza housing for the Sigma sd Quattro and sd Quattro H
  • Weefine ring light
  • SAGA Trio lens
  • Supernova video light
  • Dive Galapagos 2nd Edition
  • Deadly Oceans
  • Underwater Photography Masterclass Ebook by Alex Mustard
  • Freshwater Fishes of Britain by Jack Perks

Product reviews

  • Cannon 1Dx MK11 review  by Backscatter staff      
  • Fantasea revisited by Jussi Hokkanen 
  • Less is more by Mike Ross

Aquatic life

  • Freshwater Fishes by Jack Perks


  • Poor Knights, NZ  by Alex Stammers
  • Palm Beach, Florida by Walt Stearns

My Shot by Charlotte Sams

Parting Shots by Alex Mustard and Dan Bolt


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UwP93 — Nov/Dec 2016, 69 pages.

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  • Circular Fisheyes
  • Self repairing camera
  • Camera controls
  • Audun Rikardsen
  • UPY 2017

News Travel & Events

  • Snorkel with Humpback Whales
  • Kingdom of Tonga
  • UPY 2017
  • Polar Bear Nursing & Predation
  • New 2017 Calendar – Jeremy & Amanda Cuff
  • Devon Dolphins Campaign
  • A week in the life of Basking Shark Scotland!
  • Fiji - Underwater Photography in Paradise
  • Komodo Island, Indonesia aboard the Damai I Liveaboard
  • Ocean Art 2016
  • Strange World Photography Competition

New Products

  • Ikelite 200DL housing for Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 5D Mark IV, 5DS, 5DS R DSLR
  • Sony introduces the FDR-X3000R and HDR-AS300R Action Cams
  • DUB 1080P action camera
  • Aquatica A1DXMarkII housing for the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II
  • INON Carbon Telescopic Arm
  • Deepshots Custom gear for Trioplan 100 lens
  • Easydive Revolution 13000 lumen LED
  • Recsea GOPRO HERO4 300 Meter Housing WHG-HERO4
  • Easydive Leo WiFi Universal
  • Acquapazza developments
  • Underwater Division at CineBags
  • Hugyfot Canon 5DMkIII/s/sr
  • Gates Pro Action Housing
  • Outex Waterproof Covers
  • Subal Nikon DF housing
  • Seacam Canon EOS5D MKIV
  • Olympus PT-EP14
  • Sea-Doo® Seascooter™ Aqua Ranger
  • Nauticam NA-GX85 Housing for Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX85/GX80/GX7 Mark II
  • Welcome to Hugyfot UK
  • Nauticam NA-5DMKIV for Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
  • Product Reviews
  • Cinebags CB70 by Gregory Sweeney
  • Leak Insure by Peter Rowlands
  • Nauticam NA-GX85 by Peter Rowlands
  • i-Divesite Symbiosis by Jussi Hokkanen
  • Canon EF 8-15mm by Phil Rudin


  • WPY winners


  • Shark photography by Chris Knight


  • SW Ramblings 21 by Mark Webster

Book review by Peter Rowlands

My Shots by James H. Smith and James Emery

Parting Shot by Mark Strickland


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UwP92 — Sept/Oct 2016, 77 pages.

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  • New wrecks
  • Canon 1DX Mark II Review
  • Photokina and DEMA
  • Increasingly higher ISO capability

News Travel & Events

  • Sailfish and the Sardine Run
  • Brooks Institute to close
  • Lightroom Total Immersion Workshop
  • Wades Hughes’ winner
  • “Shark in a Bus”
  • Martyn Guess u/w photo courses
  • Scubacraft SC3
  • Lamave joins Philippine Siren in Tubbataha
  • Bluewater Photo’s SoCal Shootout
  • Martyn Guess Scuba Travel workshops

New Products

  • Nauticam NA-1DX MKII for Canon EOS-1DX Mark II
  • Ikelite housing for Panasonic Lumix GX85, GX80, GX7 Mark II with TTL
  • Easydive Leo3 Plus
  • Sea & Sea MDX-A6300 Housing
  • Deepshots gear range keeps expanding
  • Aquatica news
  • HugyFloat
  • Mangrove V30 Video Light
  • Gates housing for Canon ME20
  • Ikelite Wide Angle Ball Arm
  • Mini Underwater Robot
  • i-Divesite SS-1 & 2 Symbiosis lighting System
  • Aquatica A6300 housing for the Sony Alpha a6300
  • Acquapazza Canon 8-15mm F1.4 port and Sigma MC-11 extension ring
  • Ikelite achieves a state of Zen
  • Hawk-Woods Additional Power Solution for Sony A7/A7II
  • Fantasea housing for the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Camera

Product Reviews

  • Olympus TG-Tracker by Jussi Hokkanen
  • Zeiss 18mm & Zen DP-200 by Phil Rudin
  • WWL-1 Collar & Lens cap by Peter Rowlands
  • Nikon D500 review by Jim Decker
  • Ikelite Sony A6300 by Phil Rudin


  • Galapagos by Josef Litt
  • Porto Santo wrecks by Augusto Salgado
  • Lembeh Squint by Nigel Marsh & Helen Rose
  • Yucatek Divers by Phil Rudin

Marine life

  • Whalesharks by Tony Myshlyaev
  • SW Ramblings 20 by Mark Webster

My Shots by Attila Kaszo and Jean Michel Machefert

Parting Shots by Dan Bolt & Attila Kaszo


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UwP91 — Jul/Aug 2016, 87 pages.

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  • 4k stills
  • People power

News Travel & Events

  • UPY display at the Fox Talbot Museum, Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire
  • BigAnimals Expeditions
  • Travel Photographer of the Year 2016 opens for entries
  • Alex Tyrell Photography, Philippine Siren
  • Alor Divers is 10 !
  • The manta season has started in Fiji!
  • Anilao Photo & Video Workshop with Reef Photo
  • Verzasca Foto Festival
  • Wetpixel Raja Ampat aboard Damai
  • The Sardine Run 2016

New Products

  • Nauticam NA-D500 housing for the Nikon D500
  • Intova Adventure Camera Series
  • Subal D500 for Nikon D500
  • Sea&Sea Buoyancy Arm Handle
  • Aquatica ACU system
  • Nauticam Buoyancy Collar for WWL-1 Lens
  • New MDX Housings from Sea&Sea
  • Ikelite Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II
  • T-Handle stabilizing stick for muck or sand
  • New Keldan Lights!
  • Aquatica AD500 housing for the Nikon D500
  • Ikelite housing for Canon EOS 80D DSLR
  • Seacam Silver Nikon D5
  • i-Divesite housing iP6-A6W+i-Pix A6+
  • Mangrove V30 Video Light
  • Hugyfot Canon 5DMkIII/s/sr
  • Acquapazza APSO-A6300 housing for the Sony A6300
  • Isotecnic housing for Nikon D500
  • Olympus TG Tracker action cam
  • Deep Trekker DTX2
  • Canon WP-DC55 housing for PowerShot G7 X II

Product Reviews

  • Pelican Air 1535 case by Phil Rudin
  • Sony A6300 review by Jim Decker
  • Glowdive dome lighting by Phil Rudin


  • Macro ettiquette by Alex Tattersall
  • Fluo lighting by Steve Miller
  • Cave photography by Jean-Michel Machefert


  • Monaco by Bassem Jamour
  • Liveaboards by Colin Marshall
  • Secrets of the forest by Tom Burd

Marine Life

  • Bimini and Cat sharks by Albert Kok
  • Seahorses and Pipefish by Mark Webster

Book review by Peter Rowlands

Parting Shot by Peter Rowlands


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UwP90 — May/June 2016, 78 pages.

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  • Red Sea bridge
  • Trident ROV

News Travel & Events

  • Saudi Arabia to build a 30-mile bridge across Red Sea to Egypt
  • 2016 Basking Shark Season
  • Lembeh Strait Photo Week
  • Jack and Sue Drafahl Digital Photo Class in Bonaire
  • UPY display at Chavonnes Battery Museum, Capetown
  • Wakatobi Getaway
  • Internet on Siren Palau
  • UnderwaterPhotography.com photo contest
  • Fiji Siren
  • Humpback Whales in Tonga
  • Gerald Rambert in Indonesia
  • Raja Ampat Expedition With Km Ambai
  • DEEP Indonesia 2016 Results Announced

New Products

  • Nauticam NA-D5 housing for Nikon D5
  • Ikelite Action Housing for Sony Cyber-shot RX100 III, RX100 IV
  • Dome Diffuser Pro
  • Zen underwater ports
  • LG2 flash diffuser for PT-056 Olympus TG4 housing
  • INON SD Front Mask STD
  • Gates GT14 14,000 Lumen Light
  • Ewa-Marine rental
  • Stanford develops underwater robot
  • Nauticam NA-1DXII for Canon EOS-1DX Mark II
  • Nauticam TTL Flash Trigger for Canon
  • Acquapazza update
  • 360fly Panoramic 360° HD Action Video Camera
  • Peak Design Clutch at Reef Photo
  • Pelican Air cases
  • New Sea & Sea website
  • Underwater - Black & White by Yann Hubert
  • Diving & Snorkeling Guide to Raja Ampat & Northeast Indonesia by Tim Rock and Simon Pridmore
  • Diving Guide Series Updated and New Edition Added

Product Reviews

  • Sony A7r11 review by Phil Rudin
  • Vivid-Pix review by Phil Rudin


  • Mike Korostelev by Duncan Whittaker
  • Lorenz Mäder by Karen Stearns


  • NAD Lembeh by Tony Myshlyaev
  • Gangga by Len Deeley
  • Lochcarron by Peter Rowlands

Marine life

  • Cryptic crustaceans by Mark Webster

Book Reviews

  • by Walter Starck & Peter Rowlands

My Shot by Tony Myshlyaev 

Parting Shot by Daniel Poloha


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UwP89 — Mar/Apr 2016, 76 pages.

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  • UPY Yearbook 2016
  • Black is the new black
  • My Shot

News Travel & Events

  • UK National Fish Vote
  • Scuba Saint Lucia
  • Norway Orcas
  • Beneath the Sea 2016
  • Bird’s Head Seascape Manta ID database
  • Palau Siren
  • www birdsheadseascape.com
  • Digital Photo Class with Jack and Sue Drafahl
  • The Sardine Run
  • Great White Sharks
  • French Polynesia

New Products

  • Nauticam SMC Multiplier
  • Recsea Sony video housing
  • SeaLife Sea Dragon 1500
  • Isotta housing for Sony RX100 IV
  • Nauticam housing for Olympus E-M10 MkII
  • Subal Nikon D5 housing
  • Ikelite Mirrorless 2-inch Lens Extension
  • Leica X-U
  • Seacam Sony A7 II R/S housing
  • INON Carbon Telescopic Arms
  • i-Pix GP-H3 Housing for GoPro 3/3+/4
  • Ultramax UXDS-3 strobe
  • Aquatica offer
  • Gates XA35 housing For Canon XA35 / XA30 / Hf-G40
  • Isotta housing for Nikon D500
  • Backscatter FLEX DIVE Filter for GoPro
  • i-Torch Venom 38 Black Video Light
  • Divextras Pirahna
  • 10Bar Large Float Tubes
  • Aquabotix ROVs
  • Nauticam housing for Sony CLM-FHD5
  • xit404 HandGrip
  • Deepshots Olympus 8mm PRO Focus Gear
  • Successful Underwater Photography
  • "Underwater Photography Masterclass"
  • Polynesia - An Ocean Realm by Pete Atkinson

Equipment reviews

  • Canon GX9 review by Bertie Gregory
  • Nauticam WWL-1 v INON UWL-100 by Jussi Hokkanen


  • UPY 2016 Champions by Duncan Whittaker
  • Ocean Art winners by Brent Durand


  • Martin Edge by Duncan Whittaker


  • Uwp Marterclass by Alex Mustard
  • Bermuda Stamps by Ron Lucas


  • Shooting squid by Dan Bolt
  • Locations
  • Lord Howe Island by Scott Portelli
  • This is Africa by Tom Burd
  • Moalboal Sardines by Klaus Stiefel
  • SW Ramblings 18 by Mark Webster

My Shot

  • by Tony Myshlyaev & Shane Wasik

Parting Shot

  • by Peter Rowlands

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UwP88 — Jan/Feb 2016, 81 pages.

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Rant about the PNY DUO-LINK


News Travel & Events  

Blue Heron Bridge UW Photo Workshops

Wetpixel Socorro

Lembeh Photo Fun Week

Scottish Nudibranch Festival 2016

Lightroom Total Immersion, Little Cayman Beach Resort

2015 basking shark and wildlife film

Dive and Travel Grand Cayman eBook Guide

Galapagos Master Liveaboard

Wide Angle Boot Camp, Bonaire

OWU and DEEP Competitions 2016

The Junk and the Similan National park

A new species of Galapagos tortoise


New Products  

Nauticam WWL-1 wide lens shipping now

Diveandsee DNC-GP3 housing

Hugyfot Pro+ Housing System for GoPro 3 / 3+ / 4

Ikelite TTL Housing for Sony Alpha a7 II, a7R II, a7S II

Updated Retra Light Shaping Device (LSD) 

Recsea housing for Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Green Force introduces the Travel Kit 

Fisheye FIX Neo 1000 WR FS Focus Light

Nauticam Epic LT Housing for RED EPIC and RED SCARLET

Subal FS-7 housing for Sony FS7

FIX Fisheye Conversion Lens UWL-28M52R

Nauticam NA-A7II Housing for Sony A7II/A7RII

Saga Magic Ball lens

Missing bits by Deepshots

www.magic-filter.de  filters

GoPro Pistol Trigger Set 

Ikelite TTL Housing for Canon EOS M3

LenzO iPhone 6/6s housing

Nimar housing for Panasonic HC X900 - HC X900M

Reflections from the Past

2016 calendar by Jeremy and Amanda Cuff

Marine Life calendar by Jens Tröger


Equipment reviews

10Bar snoot by Erin Quigley      

Ikelite Gamma II by Phil Rudin 

Sony 16-35mm by Phil Rudin 

AOI port system by Jussi Hokkanen 

 Macro lens test by Jussi Hokkanen



Fluorescence diving by Lynn Miner 



Jones & Shimlock by Duncan Whittaker


Marine Life

Anilao Macro by Nigel Marsh & Helen Rose

Voices in the deep by Wade Hughes



Reflections from the past by David Salvatori

Atlantic Forest, Brazil by Fernando Lessa

SW Ramblings 17 by Mark Webster


Parting Shot

by Robyn Hughes






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UwP87 — Nov/Dec 2015, 77 pages.

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Horses for courses

Ecclectic UwP


News, Travel & Events

Fiji Siren

Backscatter & Gates Cinema Workshop

Underwater Photographer Of The Year

Anilao Reef Photo & Video Workshop

Cabilao Island, Bohol, Philipines

Liquid Motion Academy

Beneath the Sea 2016

Sea Shepherd’s Operation Milagro II

Support Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians

Shark Bytes


New Products

Ikelite Samsung NX1 housing

FIX Aquavolt 5000 mini

Sealux HDFS7 housing for Sony PXW-FS7

Nauticam NA-GX8 for the Panasonic GX8

HERO4 Session

Deepshots Tentacle Snoot

Zen Underwater DP-230-N120 replaced by 


i-Torch v25 FishLite

Ikelite TTL Converter for Nikon DSLR

Nauticam NA-EOSM3 housing for the Canon EOS M3

FIX Neo Premium 2200 DX Video Light

Sea & Sea MDX-EM5 MK II Housing

Ikelite Gamma II Flashlights

Aquatica A7r II housing for Sony A7r II & A7s II

Glow In the Dark Knobs

Flip adapter Pro

Ultralight AC-CSF-28 New clamp and AD-SK  “Sidekick” Light

SeaLife AquaPod Mini

Acquapazza DEMA products



SoCal Shootout results      


Equipment reviews

Nauticam WWL-1 review by Peter Rowlands 

Canon 5DSR thoughts by Wade Hughes 

Sea & Sea YS-D2 review by Dan Bolt 


Marine Life

Spawning aggregations by Richard Barnden

The art of exploration by Tony Myshlyaev 

Shortfin Mako sharks by Gregory Sweeney



Why Wakatobi?  by Wade Hughes

Picking God’s Pocket by Alex Tattersall

Southwest Ramblings by Mark Webster


Parting Shot by Douglas David Seifert



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UwP86 — Sept/Oct 2015, 68 pages.

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Sony developments

Multiple reviews

New talent 

UPY 2016 dates


News Travel & Events  

Douglas Hoffman in Fiji

Adventure Travel Show 2016

World ShootOut 2015 is taking place NOW!

2015 Ocean Art Uw Photo Competition

Neapolis International Underwater Photo contest 

Mike Scotland Photo and fish/shark ID in Fiji

42nd Festival Mondiale de l’Image Sous Marine

Alor Divers Uw Contest 

BILIKIKI with Diving4images

Bluewater Photo’s 5th Annual SoCal Shootout

Divetech's New Phase in Grand Cayman

Buddy Dive on Dominica


New Products  

The next generation Sea & Sea YS-D2 strobe

Fantasea FRX100 IV Housing for Sony RX100 IV

Acquapazza APSO-A72

Ikelite housing for Sony Cyber-shot RX100 IV

nju system-splashbag:first underwater photographers‘ backpack

Nauticam NA-5DSR for Canon EOS 5DS, EOS 5DS R cameras 

Fantasea Radiant video lights

Recsea Sony RX100 IV

INON X-2 housing for Canon EOS 6D

Zen ports for Olympus 7-14mm f/2.8 and 8mm f/1.8 

Ikelite housing for Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 5DS, & 5DS R

Nauticam NA-RX100IV for Sony RX100 IV

Nauticam  NA-502  for SmallHD 501 and 502 Monitors

Optical Ocean Sales expansion

Underwater Guide to Seychelles

Backscatter FLEX DIVE Filter for GoPro Hero 4 and Hero 3+

INON Olympus EM5 Mk11 compatibility

INON ompatibility with Olympus TG-4/PT-056

Gates Alexa Mini

Delta 3 Technical Lighting Control

Sealux HDFS7 housing for Sony PXW-FS7

itorch Venom35s

Sea & Sea housing for OM-D E-M5 Mk II



NUPG Splash In 2015            


Equipment reviews

Sea & Sea YS-D2 strobe by Peter Rowlands

Panasonic LX100  by Jim Decker 

SonyA7II/Nauticam NA 7II by Phil Rudin 



The Pro Advantage  by Karen Stearns

10 years of Magic by Alex Mustard


Marine Life

SS Yongala - Fish magnet by Nigel Marsh & Helen Rose 



Amazing Azores by Tom Burd

Southwest Ramblings by Mark Webster


Parting Shot

by Augusto Salgado





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UwP85 — Jul/Aug 2015, 68 pages.

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The Silent World
Renewable energy
Video lights
News Travel & Events
Wetpixel Isla Mujeres Whale Shark Expedition
New Scuba Dive Asia website
John Collins Sharks Bay workshop
Amos - the movie
Diving the Galapagos Master
Travel Photographer of the Year 2015 opens for entries
Worldwide Dive and Sail back in Truk
Meet the new BigBoxfish
NUPG Splash-In
British and Irish Underwater Photography Championship (BIUPC)
2015 San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition
New Products
FIX Neo 3000 DX
Ikelite Olympus Tough TG-3, TG-4
Aquatica AD7100 for Nikon D7200
SeaLife Sea Dragon
Sea & Sea MDX-α7 II housing
Nauticam Housing for Atomos Shogun
FIX Neo Mini 1000 SW
Olympus TG4 Nauticam NA-TG3
Light & Motion Stella PRO 5000
SEALUX HXP70 housing for Sony PXW-X70
Zen DP-230 dome
Ikelite Dome Diffuser for DS161, DS160, DS125 Strobes
FIX Neo 1000 DX SW video light
Sea & Sea MDX-EM5 MK II
Nauticam NA-D7200
FIX Neo Mini 1000 WR
Aquatica Canon 5Ds, 5Dsr & 5D Mk III
INON X-2 for Canon EOS70D
Mangrove housing for Sony PXW-X70
Acquapazza developments
TTRobotix GoPro Seawolf Sub
Product Reviews
Aquatica Olympus AE-M1 by Dan Bolt 
Olympus EM5/11 & Ikelite by Phil Rudin 
Canon G7X Fantasea FG7X  by Phil Rudin 
FIX Neo 3000 by Marco Montocchio
Ikelite Fluoresence by Phil Rudin
Photographing turtles by Joseph Tepper
South West Ramblings 14  by Mark Webster 
Magnificant Pelagian  by Karen Stearns
Marine Life
Crown of Thorns by Christophe Mason-Parker  
Book Review
"Glass and Water" by Peter Rowlands 
Parting Shot
by Nigel Marsh


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UwP84 — May/June 2015, 70 pages.

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Backgrounds are the new foreground
Great White Basking Sharks
News, Travel & Events
Focus Grand Cayman Aug 29-Sept 5 2015
Dive Alor with Downunderpix 29th Aug to 9 Sept 2015 
Komodo Photo Expedition Jan 28 - Feb 12, 2017
UPY 2015 Exhibition at Plymouth National Marine Aquarium
Alex Tattersall workshop Fiji Islands May 2016
Lembeh with Backscatter Aug 22nd-Sept 2nd, 2015
Visayas with WWDAS 
blue o two photo workshops with  Saeed Rashid  
Ocean Geographic Expedition on board MSY Seahorse 25 Sep to 6 Oct 2015
Fiji workshop with Joseph Tepper 11th -21st June 2015 
Reef Check with Gregor Hodgson
Diviac Travel is live!
The Summer of Sirens
Proposed 50m Blue Abyss pool, UK
New Products
i-Pix GP-H3 Housing for GoPro 3/3+/4
Recsea CWOM-TG3/4 Olympus housing
Hugyfot HFN-D810 for Nikon D810
Ikelite Panasonic LUMIX TS30 Camera Kit
Ikelite Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II 
UK Aqualite Dive and Photo Video lights
4 new Sealife lights 
Trade in your old focus light for a $200 credit on a FIX Neo 1200 DX SW
Nauticam NA-EM5II for Olympus OM-D E-M5 II
Nauticam NA-A7II for Sony Sony A7II
Isotta CC-G7X for the Canon G7X
2015 FIX Neo Photo/Video Lights
SEALUX HX1000 Panasonic HC-X1000
Intova ConneX System 
Subal Sony Alpha 7
The Essential Guide to Freediving for Underwater Photography by Mark Harris 
Optical Ocean Sales Resource Center
Product Reviews
Nauticam CMC macro lens  by Phil Rudin
Saga Dive Fiber Optic Ring Flash By Jack Connick
Vivid Housings Leak Sentinel by Ron Lucas
Canon G7X mini review by Alex Tattersall
Marine Life
First image of a thresher shark birth Shot by Attila Kaszo
Giant Australian Cuttlefish Molluscs With An IQ by Attila Kaszo
The Many Glories of Cuba  By Erin O’Neill
Mergui Archipelago Mysteries by Chris Mitchell
Reefs and Rebreathers by Karen Stearns
SouthWest Ramblings by Mark Webster
Parting Shot by Dan Bolt


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UwP83 — Mar/Apr 2015, 87 pages.

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UPY London
Quality not quantity

News Travel & Events: 
DivePhotoGuide Yucatán Trail with Matt Weiss
Wetpixel Oceanic Whitetip Shark Expedition 2015
Oceanic Whitetip, Cat Island, Bahamas
Underwater Tribe/NAD Lembeh Photo Workshop
Bali u/w photo workshop with Jane Morgan
Basking Shark Scotland 
Norway Orca Trip 2016
Lembeh Uw Photo Trip
British and Irish Underwater Photography Championship (BIUPC)
downunderpix underwater photography course
New Products: 
Sea & Sea MDX-D810 for the Nikon D810
Gates GT14 light
Nauticam NA-G7X housing for Canon G7 X
Fantasea FG7X  housing for the Canon G7 X
Light & Motion Sidekick
GoPro Mount Kit for DSLR Housing
Subal Alpha 7 Housing for Sony a7, a7R & a7S Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras
Acquapazza APSO-dpQ housing for the 
Sigma dpQuattro
PT-EP13 Underwater case for E-M5 Mark II
Canon WP-DC54 housing for Canon PowerShot G7X
Gates MINI Housing
Nauticam NA-LX100 housing for Panasonic LX100
Ikelite Lens Extension 2.2 Inch
Green Force Video Kit
Ikelite Magnified Viewfinders for DSLR and MIL Housings
Leak Insure GoPro® GoStrips™
Sea & Sea Housing for Canon 7D Mk II
Light & Motion GoBe
Sealux HDX100 for Sony FDR-AX100/HDR-CX900
Product reviews:
Fantasea Sony RX100 III by Phil Rudin 
Canon G7X v Sony RX100 by Jim Decker
UPY London results by Alex Mustard
Ocean Art Photo results by Bluewater Photo
Marine life:
Scilly Seals by Lucy Ray
Great Hammerheads by Albert Kok
Rapid Bay jetty by Paul Macdonald
Diverse Dumaguete by Troy Mayne 
SouthWest Ramblings 12: Red Sea wrecks by Mark Webster
Speedy Lightroom by Doug Sloss 
Parting Shot
by Brook Peterson


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UwP82 — Jan/Feb 2015, 78 pages.

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Video in print
Balance and buoyancy
4k frenzy
Parting Shot

News, Travel & Events
10th DEEP Indonesia Photo Competition
World Shootout 2015
51st Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition
John Collins Photography Workshop
Gerald Rambert in Truk Lagoon
Dive China 2015
Ultimate Manado with Nick & Caroline Robertson Brown
Boston Sea Rovers 2015

New Products
Ikelite’s TTL housing for the Nikon D750 DSLR
Subal housing for the Panasonic GH4
Keldan Video 8X 10,000 lumen light
Subal ND750 for Nikon D750
Ikelite TTL housing for Panasonic Lumix LX100
Acquapazza APSO-A72 Sony A7 housing
Ikelite TTL Housing for the Canon EOS 7D Mark II DSLR
Nauticam NA-7DMKII Canon housing
Light & Motion  SOLA 3000
Gates RS adapter kit
AOI Acrylic Dome Port DLP-06 for Olympus PEN Housings
Ikelite TTL housing for the Olympus PEN E-PL7
Ikelite TTL in select Aquatica housings
Sea & Sea YS-03 Strobe and lighting system
JA Universe Calendar
Underwater Dogs Calendar
Jens Tröger Calendar
Bite Back Calendar
Dive Cozumel
Guide Underwater Photography by Tobias Friedrich
Eilat Red Sea Shoot Out book

Profiles: An interview with Edward Lai by Peter Rowlands

Product reviews:
Nikon D750 and Nauticam NA-D750 by Alex Mustard
Onderwaterhuis Flip Snoot Pro by Dan Bolt
DeepPro GoPro H3 Housing & BigBlue VTL2500P Light by Ron Lucas  

From Stills to Video by Rob Duncan
Storytelling by Eric Hanauer  

Lembeh Workshop by Paul Macdonald  

Marine Life:
Gulf Gobies by Alex Tyrell
South West Ramblings 11 by Mark Webster  

Book Review:
Underwater Photography by Tobias Friedrich by Dan Bolt  

Parting Shot by Peter Rowlands


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UwP81 — Nov/Dec 2014, 80 pages.

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Rights grab competitions
UPY London

News Travel & Events
UPY London
Backscatter’s Berkley White Cocos trip 2015
Call for entries: Beneath the SEA 2015
The Adventure Travel Show 2015
Tonga July 21- August 1, 2015
Oasis Photocontest 2014
More flights to Wakatobi
New to Worldwide Dive and Sail: The Junk
New Products 
Sea & Sea MDX-A6000 housing for the Sony a6000
60 metre GoPro Housing 
Nauticam housing for Olympus Tough TG-3
Fantasea FRX100 III housing for the Sony RX100 III 
Aquatica AD810 housing for the Nikon D810 camera
Recsea CWS housings for Sony RX100 series
Backscatter FLIP3.1 55mm
Sea & Sea YS-03 universal lighting system
UnderWater Camera Stuff 5” Dome for Sigma 15mm
Seacam Nikon D810
Subal Olympus EM1
INON accessories for GoPro® HERO3/3+
nju system Universal housing
Ikelite Canon PowerShot G7 X housing
Nikonos Conversion System – V2
INON LF1100-W with free Dome Wide Filter LF-W
Ikelite Fiber Optic Converter for SEA&SEA / Nauticam LED Triggers
Gates ALEXA housing 
Acquapazza Sony APSO-A7 housing 
Super durable replacement dive computer straps
Ikelite Tray with Dual Release Handles
Whaleguide App
British Sea Life ID Guide
Top 100 British shore dives
Product reviews
FIX Neo Mini 500 FS light by Phil Rudin 
Ikelite DS161 Substrobe by Phil Rudin
Sony F55 & Gates housing by Dan Beecham
UPY London competition by Alex Mustard
WPOTY 2014
El Hierro Open Fotosub by Iker Vildósola
Wakatobi by Walt Stearns
Azores by Scott Portelli
Marine life
Gt White Sharks  by Joanna Lentini
Seychelles Nudibranchs  by Chris Mason-Parker
South West Ramblings 10  by Mark Webster
Parting Shot by Dan Bolt


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UwP80 — Sept/Oct 2014, 70 pages.

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For 4K's sake
Future proof 4K
Is the latest the best?
28th Annual Shark Week
News, Travel & Events
Eilat Red Sea World Record
Bali School of Underwater Photography
BBC Underwater Camera Bursary
Orca in the wild, Norway with Amos Nachoum
4th annual SoCal Shootout
Hugycup 2014/5
Siren Photo Workshops 2015
Adventure Travel Show, London
Palau phenomena
Blue Whales, Sri Lanka with Amos Nacoum
Southeast Asia Tour
Tongan Fluke Collective
2014 Ocean Art UW Photo Competition
New Products
Orcalight SeaWolf 2260A and 1560A
PT-EP12 housing for Olympus E-PL7
Ikelite housing for Sony Cyber-shot RX100 III
LEE Bug for GoPro Action & Underwater kits
FIX Neo Mini 500 FS
Nauticam NA-RX100III for the Sony RX100 III
LUNA 4X Video Light
Isotta Canon G16 housing
Sea & Sea’s MDX-RX100 III for the Sony RX100 III
Nauticam NA-GH4 for the Panasonic GH4
Sealife Micro HD
Nauticam NA-XT1 housing for the Fujifilm XT1
Aquatica AGH4 housing for the Panasonic GH4
Leak Sentinel
Nauticam NA-D810 housing for the Nikon D810
Ikelite™ TTL Housing for Nikon D810
Acquapazza APSO-RX100M3 housing for the Sony RX100 III
Universal fibre optic cable
DIVE by Lawson Wood
Diving Guide El Hierro” digital edition ibook
Reef Fishes of the Indo-Pacific
Cayman has worms!
Shipwrecks off North Carolina book project
Marine magnets hand sculpted by Yui
Nauticam China Online Underwater Photographer of the Year
Product Reviews
Olympus 12-40 F2.8 Pro lens and Zen DP-170 dome by Phil Rudin
Deepshots lens gears by Phil Rudin

Marine Life
Manta Mania by Tobias Bernhard

A Week in the Red Sea By Chris Schenker

Baiae Archeological Park by Marcin Trzcinski
Indonesia by Eric Lambert
South West Ramblings 9 by Mark Webster
Parting Shot
by Attila Kaszo




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UwP79 — July/Aug 2014, 98 pages.

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Fashion is the new fashion
News, Travel & Events
Worldwide Dive and Sail in the Galapagos
Travel Photographer of the Year
El Hierro Open Fotosub
Wetpixel Tiger & Oceanic Whitetip shark trips
Eilat, Red Sea Live Broadcasts
Basking Sharks Scotland
Tulamben, Bali Uw Imaging Intensive Workshop
Great Barrier Reef Photo & Video competition 2014
Great Hammerhead Sharks & Bull Sharks in Bimini
Dive Lembeh
Project Seahorse 

New Products
Nauticam NA-D4S Housing for the Nikon D4S
Subal Black Magic housing
Sea & Sea Extension Ring 46 with Focus Knob
Acquapazza housing APSO-A 7R for the Sony A7R
Ikelite Housing for Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II
Optical Slave Converter for Ikelite DS51, DS160, DS161 strobes
FIX Neo 2000DX SWR
Acquapazza APSO-RX1002 for Sony RX100 II in light green
Ikelite Housing for Panasonic Lumix GH3, GH4 DSLR
BS Kinetics Black Magic
Nauticam NA-A6000 for Sony A6000
INON accessories for Olympus TG-835/PT-055
Diving & Snorkelling Guide to Marine Life of the Indo-Pacific
Winning Images with Any Underwater Camera
Nudibranchs of South West England

Product Reviews:
Ikelite Vega review by Peter Rowlands
Olympus TG3 review by Jim Decker
Zen DP100 Dome review by Phil Rudin 

Digital Shootout by Joanna Lentini

Presbyopic correction by Quentin Bennett
Underwater Love by Rosie Anderson

HMS Repulse by Mike Robinson
The Hera by Mark Webster

Go Gozo by Peter Rowlands
Nelson Bay by Klaus M. Stiefel
Fantastic Philippines by Phil Rudin 

Marine Life
Lembeh’s “Big 5” by Colin Marshall
Anglerfish by Paul Macdonald
Oslob whale sharks by Attila Kaszo
Southern colours by Attila Kaszo
Seychelles turtles by Christophe Mason-Parker

South West Ramblings 8 by Mark Webster 

Book Review by Dan Bolt
Parting Shot by Todd Aki



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UwP78 — May/June 2014, 99 pages.

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News, Travel & Events

  • Siren Fleet Underwater Photography Workshops 2014
  • Raja Ampat March 2 - 13, 2015
  • 14th Marmara Underwater Photo & Video FestivalWorld Shootout 2014
  • Stop SeaWorld from imprisoning killer whales for profit
  • BigAnimals Expeditions Blue Whales July 13-19 2014
  • Focus Grand Cayman Aug 30 – Sept 6, 2014
  • Christopher Bartlett trips Papua New Guinea and the Caribbean
  • Digital Shootout Little Cayman June 14-21, 2014
  • Win an INON underwater LED
  • UWP World Championship Eilat, Israel
  • Cocos Island Costa Rica October 9 - 19, 2014
  • Team Edition Open Fotosub Isla de El Hierro.2014

New Products

  • Bersub Dive Lights
  • INON LF1000-S LED flashlight
  • DeepPro GPH3 GoPro housing
  • Nikon WP-N2 housing for Nikon 1
  • CMdome diffusers
  • Stingray dive lights
  • UV Dive Lights from Underwater Kinetics
  • Ikelite Canon EOS Rebel SL1 100D housing
  • Backscatter Macromate Mini
  • Recsea Sony FDR-AX100 & HDR-CX900 housing
  • Ikelite housing for Nikon Coolpix L30
  • FIX Neo video and photo lights
  • SeaLife Flex-Connect mounting system
  • Ikelite Vega
  • INON accessories for Olympus E-M1/PT-EP11
  • Ikelite housing for Nikon D3300 DSLR
  • Mangrove housing for Sony FDR-AX100
  • Nauticam NA-A5000 housing for Sony A5000

Product reviews

  • Ikelite Canon EOS100D by Phil Rudin
  • Fantasea FG16 by Peter Rowlands
  • Nauticam iPhone by Phil Rudin
  • Bersub Variled 90 by Peter Rowlands

Marine Life

  • Sepia Apama by Paul MacDonald


  • Nudibranch Photo Comp 2014

iBook review

  • Nudibranchs of South West England by Peter Rowlands


  • Shooting Nudibranchs by Dan Bolt
  • Techniques & Tools by Alex Tattersall


  • Cuba by Joanna Lentini
  • The Brothers by Erik Oskarsson
  • Malapascua by Nigel Marsh
  • South West Ramblings by Mark Webster

Tributes to the life of Peter Scoones

  • by Gill McDonald, Peter Rowlands, Doug Anderson, Keith Scholey, Martha Holmes & Colin Doeg

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UwP77 — Mar/Apr 2014, 74 pages.

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News, Travel & Events 

Backscatter Wakatobi Expedition

Periphylla Safari

Nudibranch Photo Competition

DEEP Indonesia 2014 Competition


Neutral Density Photography Awards 2014

Dive the Solitary Islands


New Products 

Ikelite Nikon D5300

Nauticam NA-GX7 housing for Panasonic GX7

Acquapazza Sony A7/A7R housing

New Leak Insure™ GoStrips™ 

SEALUX 4K CC1DC housing for Canon EOS 1D-C

Aditech Mangrove video light VC-4L6X

Amphibico Pocket Buddy ® for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Nauticam NA-A7 housing for the Sony A7R

Ikelite Steady Tray for GoPro

Recsea housing for EOS-70D

Canon PowerShot D30

Aquatica A1D-C/X housing for the Canon EOS 1D C AND 1D X

Gates Sony F55 housing

Aquatica AE-M1 for the Olympus OM-D E-M1


Aquatica SW8 Port 

INON accessories for Fujifilm XQ1/WP-XQ1

Scubazoo Sensational Seas of Sabah 

Diving Guide of El Hierro


Photo Competitions

Beneath the Seas

Our World Underwater


Product reviews

FIX NEO controller by Jussi Hokkanen 

Best compacts 2014 by the team at Backscatter

Olympus/Nauticam E-M1 by Phil Rudin

Lightroom Radial Filter by Doug Sloss


Marine life

Juvenile fish by Colin Marshall

Sea Dragons by Paul Macdonald



Seychelles by Joss Woolf

Anilao, Philippines by Mark Webster


Book/App Reviews

Underwater Photography Art and Techniques by Dan Bolt

East Indies Reef Fish by Peter Rowlands


Parting Shot by Nigel Marsh


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UwP76 — Jan/Feb 2014, 87 pages.

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Sinking ships
Dive the Philippines
Nudibranchs are hip
News, Travel & Events
Wildlife Photographer of the Year
2014 Calendar “Diving Dreams” 
The gentle giants of Rurutu with Charles Hood
Douglas Hoffman 2014 Fiji Workshop S/Y Fiji Siren
Boston Sea Rovers 2014 Clinic and Film Festival
Irish Underwater Council’s two-day uwp seminar
Joe Romeiro in Palau
Basking Shark Scotland News
Lembeh Macro Magic with Graham Abbott
New Products
Ikelite Fiber Optic housing for Canon Powershot G16
Acquapazza APSG-DPM housing is now available
Aquatica A70D housing for the Canon 70D
Sea Dragon 2000 Photo/Video/Dive Light
Epoque EL-1000L HP LED light
Light & Motion move to larger headquarters
INON INC. accessories for the Canon S120 camera and the WP-DC51 housing 
Nauticam NA-S120 for Canon S120
Ikelite Housing for Leica C
BS Kinetics Leica S housing
10 Bar Panasonic GH-3 Housing
BS Kinetics housing for Canon EOS 6D
Gates Sony Z100 4K housing
SEALUX HFS700 housing for Sony NEX FS700
Nauticam NA-BMPCC Housing for Blackmagic Pocket Camera
INON INC. accessories for the Canon G16 camera and the WP-DC52 housing 
Aditech MANGROVE video light MVS-8L12
Nauticam NA-EM1 housing for Olympus OM-D E-M1
Sea & Sea MDX-70D housing for EOS 70D
Nauticam NA-G16 Housing for Canon Powershot G16
Nauticam NA-BMCC Housing for Blackmagic 4K Cameras
Sealux housing for Canon XA20/XA25
Orcalight Seawolf A-2260  divelight
Rollei Actioncam S-50
Dive Galapagos e book
Nudibranchs of South West England iBook
Reef Fishes of Oman
Hidden Treasures, Guam’s Marine Preserves Second Edition
Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest Winners
Lembeh Shootout results
Keldan Luna video lights by Phil Rudin
Lightroom for the Underwater Photographer by Peter Rowlands
Aquatica AD7100 Nikon 7100 housing by Tim Rock
Nauticam vacuum check and leak detection system by Phil Rudin
Subal D7100 by Mark Webster
Saga Achromatic Close Up lenses by Phil Rudin
Nauticam SMC macro lens by Alex Mustard
Available colour by David Colyn
So far, SoGod by Dr Alex Tattersall
Algarve’s Ocean Revival Projectby Augustus Salgado
Turks & Caicos by Simon Higton
Parting Shots
by Ivan Donoghue and Gary Carpenter


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UwP75 — Nov/Dec 2013, 71 pages.

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News, Travel & Events

Golden Dolphin Festival 13th - 16th Fe 2014, Moscow

Reef Check in the Philippines on S/Y Philippine Siren

DivePhotoGuide Expedition to Cat Island

World ShootOut 2013

GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013

The Adventure Travel Show 25-26 January 2014, London


New Products

Ikelite Housing for Nikon Coolpix S6500

Nauticam Vacuum Check and Leak Detection System

Nauticam Supermacro Converter

Ikelite Housing for Canon EOS 70D

Acquapazza APSO-NEX5T housing for Sony NEX-5T

Nikon 1 AW1 waterproof to 15 metres

Retra uTrigger

Fantasea FG16 housing for the Canon G16

Nauticam NA-NEX5R  for Sony NEX-5T

Ultralight Hot Shoe ball adaptor

Ball Adaptor for Sea&Sea compact Tray

Mangrove housing for Sony NEX-FS700 & FS100

Nauticam NA-70D for the Canon 70D

Epoque Edivecam

Sea & Sea RDX-100D  housing for Canon EOS Rebel SL1/100D

Seashell iPhone5 housing

Nauticam NA-RX100II for Sony RX100 11

Isotta housing for Nikon D7100

New Ocean Leisure Cameras showroom, London

Diving In The Red Sea App

Lightroom 4 and 5 for the Underwater Photographer

“Reef Fishes of the East Indies” app



Product reviews

Nauticam Float Arms by Phil Rudin

Saga Focus light snoot By Phil Rudin



Wildlife POTY by Peter Rowlands 

El Hierro Open Fotosub by Peter Rowlands 



Alor Diving by Gilles & Neya Brignardello 

Boeing B17 Her Did by Marcin Trzcinski 



Wakeboarding by Alex Tyrell 

SW ramblings 6bby Mark Webster


Parting Shots

by Tony ‘Goose’ Neal, Azim Musthag, Tim Priest and Mark Webster



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UwP74 — Sept/Oct 2013, 66 pages.

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News, Travel & Events

Ocean Art Photo Competition 2013

Beneath the Sea (BTS) International Imaging competition

Underwater portraits for cancer survivors

Open Fotosub Isla de El Hierro 20th to 26th October 2013

Dive China 2014 March 1st-3rd, 2014

Backscatter Roatan Expedition with Jim Decker

S/Y Maldives Siren

SeaLife Shootout and Demo Event

Philippines Photo Workshop with Alex Tattersall


New Products

Intova Sport Pro SP1

Nauticam Carbon Fiber Float Arms

Sea & Sea Lens Caddy for M67 Wide-angle Conversion Lens

New Acquapazza products

Nauticam Flash Trigger for Canon

Nauticam NA-V2 for Nikon 1 V2

Ikelite Housing for Canon ELPH 330, HS IXUS 255 HS and IXY 610F 

Ikelite Housing for Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS25 & FT25

Sea & Sea M52 Wide-Angle Conversion Lens

SL TecH2 GmbH Actioncam Magic filters

Backscatter Flip3.1 for GoPro Hero3


Product reviews

Backscatter Airlock review by Alex Tyrell

FIX NEO 2000DX review by Peter Rowlands

Nauticam NA-GH3 housing by Peter Rowlands



Art filters by Phil Rudin



Night Muck Diving at Porteau Cove, BC by Lee Newman

SS Thistlegorm Text by Phil Rudin Images by Augusto Salgado

Simon’s Town South Africa by Gregory Sweeney

A whole lotta Rozi By David Watson


Marine Life

Scorpion fish by Mark Webster


Parting Shots

by Mark Sagovac, Mark Webster, Lisa Kelly and Alex Tattersall



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UwP73 — Jul/Aug 2013, 69 pages.

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What's in UwP73?

Jul/Aug 2013



News, Travel & Events

Reef Photo Palm Beach Macro Workshop July 25th-28th 2013

40th World Festival of Underwater Pictures, Marseilles

Santa Barbara Film Festival to Honor Ernie Brooks

Marine Science in the Indonesia with Charlotte Caffrey

“Oceans,” an Exhibition of Underwater Photographs at the United Nations

Children of World ShootOut Category


New Products

Nauticam NA-Ninja2

Ikelite Panasonic GH3 housing

TLC Support for Ikelite TTL Converter 

Sealux CSGH3 housing for Panasonic Lumix GH3

Nauticam NA-6D housing for Canon 6D

Subal VS1 Universal video housing

Aquatica AD7100 housing for the Nikon D7100

Nauticam Panasonic GH3

Ikelite Nikon Coolpix S9500 

INON Manual Sticker D/Z

Free eBook downloads


Product Reviews:

Fantasea FG15 Canon G15 by Peter Rowlands

ZEN DP-170MM Dome By Phil Rudin

INON manual sticker by Phil Rudin 

Watershot iPhone by Sim Chee Ghee 

F.I.T LED 2400 light by Peter Rowlands 



Numana Italian Lembeh by David Salvatori

Bermuda Reef Life by Ron Lucas 

Wakatobi by Wade Hughes


Marine life

Farne Island seals by Jack Perks 

Whale Sharks by Arturo de Frias

SW Ramblings by Mark Webster 



Digital photo books  by Ron Lucas

eBook review by Dan Bolt


Parting Shots

by Ron Lucas


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UwP72 — May/June 2013, 72 pages.

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News, Travel & Events

Lembeh Shootout 2013 2nd – 9th December

Photographing  Marine Animals with Paul Naylor

Maldives Expeditions 2014

Pictures of the Year competition

University of Miami RSMAS underwater photo contest

Tobias Friedrich 2013 trips

Basking Shark Scotland

An artificial reef for Weymouth and Portland

2013 British Underwater Photography Championships

TPOTY 2013 awards now open for entry

Free Lembeh photo workshop with Wolfgang Pölzer

 2013 San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition  11 - 12th Oct

Win a 10-Night Trip to Truk Lagoon with the Siren Fleet

Wetpixel Lembeh Macro Workshop 12-23 October 2013

Wetpixel Whaleshark trips July/August 2013


New Products

Nauticam NA-EOSM for Canon EOS M

Ikelite Nikon D7100 housing

Acquapazza Sony NEX ports SEL1018 and SELP1650

and a tray for mirror less housings

Fantasea FG15 Housing for Canon PowerShot G15

10 Bar GoPro Hero 2 & 3 Housings

UN Universal underwater LCD magnifier

Gates Sony F5 and F55 housing

Nauticam LCD Magnifier with Dioptric Adjustment

Amphibico Genesis FS700 housing for the Sony NEX-FS700U

Green Force Squid LED 18

Mangrove housing for

Sony HDR-PJ780VE/790V/650VE

Hugyfot HFN-D600 for Nikon D600

Nauticam NA-D7100 for Nikon D7100

Diveandsee DNC-5

Housing Sentry for Ikelite housings

Sea & Sea MDX-6D for Canon EOS-6D


Product Reviews

Nikon 1 J2 & housing by Steve Brown

Nikon D600 or 800? By Alex Mustard



Shooting mermaids by Steve Anton

Night diving by Mark Webster


Marine Biology

Coral spawning by Alex Tyrell



Jervis Bay by Attila Kaszo

SW Ramblings by Mark Webster


Parting Shots

by Tobi Bernhard, Dan Bolt,  Mark Sagovac, Attila Kaszo and Alex Mustard


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UwP71 — Mar/Apr 2013, 77 pages.

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News, Travel & Events

Blue Whale Cafe with Amos Nachoum Jan 13 - 28, 2014

Coming Soon - S/Y Fiji Siren

Ultimate Papua New Guinea with Michele Westmorland

Wild West Sulawesi with temboradive

Sea of Cortez with Alex Tattersall 28th Sept -  5th Oct 2013

Nauticam & ReefPhoto Bonaire Workshop  July 13 2013

Galapagos with Shannon Conway 11th - 24th June 2013

Mantas, Dolphins, Sharks & Baitballs May 23rd - June 1st, 2014

Backscatter Expedition to Komodo & Alor with Berkley White and Erin Quigley


New Products

Aquatica AD4 for Nikon D4

Nauticam NA-NEX6 housing for Sony NEX-6

Seashell iPhone 5 housing

INON UCL-100LD/UCL-100M67 Close-up lens

Retra releases prime LSD

Technical Lighting Control chart

Ikelite Nikon D5200 housing

Epoque DCL-30 wide angle lens

Ultralight GoPro Hero3 cage with the LCD back

Aquatica Close Up Kit

Nauticam NA-G15 housing for Canon G15

Acquapazza and DPMerrill housings

Ikelite  Smart Charger Lithium Ion

Gates Canon compatibility

Backscatter Airlok


Product Reviews

Easydive Leo II Pro by Rico Besserdich

Canon MP-E 65 macro By Gary Sun

Digital downsizing by Martin Heyn

Nauticam 12-50 port by Phil Rudin

Olympus E-PL5 & PT-EP10 by Dan Bolt



Ocean drifters by Ryo Minemizu



Sea of Cortez by Alex Tattersall

Molluca muck by Mark Webster

Menjangan by Attila Kaszo

Sailfish & sardines by Gregory Sweeney


Competition results


Parting Shots by Augusto Salgado, Nigel Marsh and Bart Hazes



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UwP70 — Jan/Feb 2013, 76 pages.

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News, Travel & Events

DPG Expedition to Guadalupe Sept 7 - 11th 2013

Focus Underwater, Grand Cayman 24 - 31st Aug 2013

The Best of Both Worlds: Bunaken & Lembeh with Martin Heyn May 20-June 1, 2013

Palau Aggressor II with Jack Connick

Nov 16 - 28th 2013

59th Annual Boston Sea Rovers Clinic Film Festival

The Sinking World

Franco Banfi, Canon Explorer

Jeremy and Amanda Cuff’s 2013 Calendar

Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest 2013

Our World Underwater and DEEP Indonesia competitions 2013

Come to Kei


New Products

Ikelite Canon EOS 6D housing

Nauticam Sony NEX5R


Aquatica Water Wizard

Ikelite Gamma light

Sea and Sea announces housing for Nikon D600

Nauticam NA-S110

Ikelite Manta strobe

Backscatter Flip3 Underwater Magic Filter for GoPro Hero3

Sealife AquaPod

Ikelite Vega Light

Nauticam NA-D600 for the Nikon D600

Nauticam NA-1DX

INON M67 Lens Adapter Base DC48

INON Canon WP-DC47 and WP-DC48 and Nikon WP-N1 compatibility

Eye Mirror

INON Dome Lens Unit II for UWL-S100 ZM80

Lightroom 4 for the Underwater Photographer


Product Reviews

FIX Aquavolt 7000 by Peter Rowlands 

Saga Zoom Filter By Phil Rudin

Fiji & Nikon D7000/800 by Jack Connick



Fish for stamps by Sue Daly 

Scottish Sea Lochs by Jason Gregory

Mairi Bahn by Joe Dovala

Wonderful West by Tammy Gibbs 

Bunaken by Erik Oskarsson

Belize by Lee Hutchins

SW Ramblings 2 by Mark Webster

Marseille by Phil Rudin


Parting Shot by Christobal Serrano 



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UwP69 — Nov/Dec 2012, 64 pages.

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News, Travel & Events

Magical Palau with Scuba Symphony

Cary Yanny Photography Workshops South Africa & Mozambique

The secret side of the Caribbean with Nick and Caroline Robertson Brown

Philippines with Chris Parsons & Phil Rudin

Beneath the Sea 2013 Imaging Competition

2013 Wetpixel Raja Ampat Entrance Tag competition winner

Gulrukh Khan award

Celebrate the Sea Call for Entries 2012

Amazing Diving Stories By John Bantin

Diving & Snorkelling Guide to Thailand by Frank Schneider

Telegraph Adventure Travel Show Olympia, London

Sea of Cortez with Alex Tattersall


New Products

Ikelite Nikon D600

Subal ND800 for Nikon D800

Zen Underwater Support for the Olympus PT-EP08 Housing 

GoPro Hero 3

Nikonos RS lens conversion update

Best underwater compact cameras 2012 review from Backscatter

Subal ND4 for the Nikon D4

INON UWL-S100 ZM80 Wide Conversion Lens

INON Accessories for Canon WP-DC45


Backscatter to distribute Olympus underwater products in North America and the Caribbean

New Ultralight Control Systems AD-HS adaptor

Sea & Sea Nikon D800 housing

Aqua Fototeam INON accessories

Nauticam NA-650D for the Canon EOS Rebel

Nauticam NA-LX7 for the Panasonic LX7

Xit 404 Tripod Brackets

Novasub P&T-C-01 

Pan and Tilt unit

Hydroflex Red One Deep

Acquapazza APSG-DP2M  for the Sigma DP2 Merrill

Splash housings

Nikon WP-N1 for 1 J1 & 2

Epic Elite video housing

Nudibranchs of the Pacific Northwest calendar


Product reviews

Olympus 60mm macro by Phil Rudin 

Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobe By Phil Rudin

Hugyfot is king by Michael Gallagher



Veolia Competition



Britain 20-12 by Jason Gregory

Rock Pools by Mark Webster

Cenderawasih by Chris Mitchell 

Destin, Florida by Jim Garin



Going electronic by Chris Mitchell



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UwP68 — Sept/Oct 2012, 74 pages.

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New Products
Aquatica AD800 for Nikon D800/D800e
Amphibico Rouge housing for RED Scarlet X and Epic cinema cameras
Ikelite housing for the Sony HDR-CX580V camcorder
Easydive Leo Pro Canon and Nikon SLR housing
Nauticam NA-EM5 for Olympus OM-D E-M5
Ikelite housing for Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS20, FT20
INON compatibility with Olympus E-M5/PT-EP08
UK Aqualite 90 eLED Video Light
SeaLife Fisheye Wide Angle Lens
Sealife ReefMaster Mini
Plasticase  cases
Mini LED strobe MLS
Acquapazza APSO-RX100 housing for the Sony DSC-RX100
Ultralight BA-AQN-UK
Cayman Nudibranchs
Life in the Seas
British Columbia video
Free tutorials from Jack and Sue Drafahl
Product reviews
Olympus TG-1 and PT-053 by Rob Spray
Saga 67 flip lens holder By Phil Rudin
Olympus E-M5 and PT08 by Rob Spray
Nikonos RS lens for DSLR by Andrej Belic
Olympus Nauticam NA-EM5 by Phil Rudin
BSoUP Splash In 2012 by Brian Pitkin
Marine life
Scottish basking sharks by Dan Bolt
NASA operations by Mark Widick
Honeymoon or dive trip? by Michael Wicks
Macro in the Northwest by Jens Tröger
SouthWest ramblings by Mark Webster
Parting Shot by  Jack Perks


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UwP67 — Jul/Aug 2012, 80 pages.

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News, Travel & Events

WildPhotos 2012

Call for entries: CIWEM Photographer of the Year


The Farnes and Sharm with Adam Hanlon

The World Festival of Underwater Pictures new visual identity

S/Y Fiji Siren

Underwater.kr Shootout NAD Lembeh

Fiji Photo Expedition with Jack Connick

Cocos on Argo with Tanya Burnett and Kevin Palmer

ODEX 2012 Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre

Cairns Underwater Film Festival

The World ShootOut Introduces the Uw World with a SEA CHANGE

Visayas with Jennie Soriano


New Products

Aquatica A5D Mk III housing for the Canon 5D Mk III

Reinventing Nikonos RS Lenses On Digital SLRs

Backscatter Magic Flip-Up Color Filter for GoPro Dive Housings

INON Colour Temperature Conversion Filters

Recsea WHC-G1X  housing for Canon G1X

Sea & Sea MDX-GRD4 for the Ricoh GR4

SeaLife Introduces the DC1400 Limited Edition Pink

Leak Insure Sachets Save Thousands of Pounds

INON Video Base V4

Sea & Sea MDX10 for Fuji X10

Fisheye FIX Aquavolt 3500

Ultralight Polecam

Nauticam NA-5DMKIII

Acquapazza  APSO-NEX7 for the Sony NEX-7

Recsea WHF-X10 housing for the Fuji X10


Sea & Sea YS-D1

The World’s Best Tropical Dive Destinations By Lawson Wood

NUDIBRANCH ID iPhone iPad iPod App Series


Product reviews

Olympus OM-D EM-5 by Alex Mustard 

Nauticam NA-GX1 By Jussi Hokkanen

Sony NEX 24mm F1.8 by Phil Rudin


Marine life

Leopard Seals by Bartosz Strozynski

Boring Seagrass by David Barrio

Life Line by Wade Hughes 



Photo workshops by Pam Murph

Do we need depth? by Mark Webster 

Breaking the rules by Joel Penner



Lord Howe Island by Tom Davis

New Jersey by Herb Segars

Dive the World by Jesper Kjøller 


Parting Shot by  Phil Watson





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UwP66 — May/June 2012, 73 pages.

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News, Travel & Events

“The secret of Haven” underwater exhibition

West Papua on MV Seahorse

Bali with Shannon Conway & Graham Abbott

Kevin Deacon Photo Workshop with Siren Fleet August 2013

Deep Sea Trip  7 - 11 June 2012

Jeff Goodman’s video & editing workshops 28 Nov - 5 Dec 2012

DRT Show Underwater Photo Competition 2012

Worldwide Dive and Sail Underwater Photography Workshops 2012

Galapagos on Darwin Buddy September 8-15, 2012


New Products

Ikelite housings for Nikon D800 and Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Patima S100 Housing For Canon S100

Olympus PT-052 housing for the TG-820

Nauticam NA-GX1 for Panasonic GX1

Underwater Camera Hire

Seatrex HD

Nauticam NA-D800 for Nikon D800

SeaLife Twin-Flash DC1400 Pro X2 Package

Bigblue AL 1x5 AFO LED Focusing Light

Zen DP-100-NC 4” Glass Dome Port for Canon 8-15/4L

Hugyfot Mini Dome

Optical Ocean Sales sells Seacam

Backscatter Custom GoPro housing

UK Germany GoPro accessories

Intova unveiled Sport Pro

Acquapazza APSO-NEX5N

Wahoo HD Underwater Monitor Housing for Sony CLM-V55 Monitor

Dive the world magazine

Last Night I Swam With A Mermaid

Fish ID Hawaii pro App



Shooting mermaids with Chris Crumley


Product reviews

Nauticam Nikon D4 in Iceland By Alex Mustard

Panasonic GX1 and Nauticam NA-GX1 by Peter Rowlands

Narked at 90 port cover by Peter Rowlands

Fantasea Nikon 7100 by Peter Rowlands

Movie lights or strobes by Peter Rowlands

Olympus 12-50mm Pt 2 by Dan Bolt

Enhanced viewfinders or EVF cameras by  Phil Rudin



Loss of light by Rob Cuss



Costa Blanca by  Phil Rudin

Tiger Beach by  Steve Rosenberg

Nova Scotia wrecks by  Christopher Hamilton


Marine life

An eye for detail by  Mark Webster

Alien By Selen and Tunc Yavuzdogan


Parting Shot by  Mikko Voipio




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UwP65 — Mar/Apr 2012, 73 pages.

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News, Travel & Events

Liquid Capture: Masters of Underwater Photography

U/w Photo Workshops with Mark Webster in 2012

Reef Photo expand to new premises

Wildscreen Panda Awards film competition

Red Sea Macro Madness with Adam Hanlon

Oonas Red Sea Photo Workshops


New Products

Ikelite Canon HF G10 video housing

Fantasea FP7100 for Nikon Coolpix P7100

New 10 Bar housings

Nauticam Nikon NA-V1 housing 

Maldives: The Underwater Kingdom

Sea & Sea YS-D1 

VF180 Viewfinder

Acquapazza  Sony NEX5N housing

Sea & Sea Fisheye Port 240

LCD Monitor Hood with Lens

SeaLife DC1400 Pro Duo

Nauticam France

Ultralight GoPro Pistol Grip

Samsung waterproof SD cards

Advanced Underwater Photography by Larry Gates

Oceaneye Arri Alexa housing

Thailand’s Underwater World

Our World Underwater 2012 winners


Product Reviews

Olympus 12-50mm by Dan Bolt

Mirrorless Macro by Phil Rudin


Marine Life

Fish Faces by Ángel Cegarra

Freshwater by Jack Perks

Sea Turtles of Barbados by Phil Rudin



Isla Del Coco by Alex Tyrell

North Sulawesi by Marco Walter

Lembeh Luxury by Mark Webster

Bikini Atoll By Joseph C Dovala

Red Sea- Past & Present  by Howard Rosenstein

Adobe Photoshop Elements DVD by Paul Colley


Parting Shot by Kaido Haagen






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UwP64 — Jan/Feb 2012, 85 pages.

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News, Travel & Events

Uw Photo Workshop with Alex Tattersall, Wadi Lahami & Liveaboard, Marsa Alam
Committed Photography
Focus on Philippines with Alex Tattersall, 14th - 25th April 2013
Ultralight, friends & customers trip, Raja Ampat, Nov. 27 - Dec. 12 2012
Worldwide Dive and Sail Rebreather trips
Find Photo Competitions
Maria Munn uw photo trips with Borneo Divers, Mabul, Feb and Sept 2012
BBC’s Frozen Planet Cameraman – Doug Allan The Adventure Show, Olympia,
Underwater Competition 2012 - Deadline for submissions Jan 23, 2012
New Products
Saga Fiber Optic Ring Flash
Fantasea FP7100 Housing for Nikon Coolpix P7100
Ikelite Nikon Coolpix P7100 housing
Nauticam NA-D7000V
Light and Motion Dive 500, 800 and 1200
INONAdaptors and Ball Joint Arms
Fisheye FIX  Canon S100
Laluz Optics  L800 video and focus light
Nauticam NA-NEX7 Housing for Sony NEX-7
Ultralight GoPro Polecam
Dyron  UV Light Solaris 4200
Underwater Visions distribute Fisheye FIX
Maria Munn DVD
Pearls of the Caribbean HD app
Bonica Snapper 1080P HDDV G8V15 Package
Diving Indonesia’s Bird’s Head Seascape
2012 Calendar from Jeremy and Amanda Cuff
Product Reviews
iTorch Video Pro 3 light by Tim Moran
Wide angle primes for Micro 4/3rds By Phil Rudin
External SLR  monitors by Peter Rowlands
Sea and Sea YS-01 review  by Lawrence Alex Wu
INON X-2 Housing  for the Canon EOS 60D by Phil Rudin
GOPROIN’ By Christopher Hamilton
Diving Cape Town with images by Geoff Spiby and text by Georgina Jones
Ascension Island By Paul Colley
SS Thistlegorm Past & Present by Mark Webster
Great White Shark adventure by Josh Cortopassi
Madeira “Pearl of the Atlantic” by Augusto Salgado



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UwP63 — Nov/Dec 2011, 72 pages.

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News, Travel & Events

Garrison Girls Calendar 2012

New Oonasdivers Brochure out now!

South Africa Photo Safari and Photography Workshop with Gregory Sweeney

Cayman Photoquest with Martin and Sylvia Edge

Ultimate Papua New Guinea with Michele Westmorland

DivePhotoGuide.com Triton Bay/Raja Ampat Expedition

Andaman Islands with Mark Strickland / Chris Huss

Cozumel Photo Shootout

Uw photo workshop with Sue Daly in Sark

Scubazoo Maldives safari

Oasis Photo Contest - 30,000 euros in prizes


New Products

Aquatica buys Amphibico

Amphibico Genesis housing for the Sony FS100U

Aquatica AN-5n for the Sony NEX-5n

Subal SGF2 and SGF3

Nauticam NA-NEX5N for Sony NEX-5N

New Generation of Underwater Monitors by Dive and See

Ikelite Pentax K-5, K-7 housing

Nauticam NA-GF3 for Panasonic Lumix GF3

Acquapazza’s APSO-NEX5N

HeinrichsWeikamp LED lamp

Nauticam NA-600D Canon EOS Rebel T3i/600D

iPhone Nudibranch ID Guide

Marine Fishes ID Guide

Ikelite Olympus XZ-1


Product Reviews 

AquaTech Sports DC5V2 By Wade Hughes

INON UFL-M150 ZM80 by Dan Bolt

Zen WA-100 by Rob Spray



My first ‘client’ by Dan Bolt

Going Wide in Cebu by Alex Tyrell


Marine Life

False orca encounter by Wade Hughes

Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011



Port Hardy with Rand McMeins

Noronha, jewel of nature by Michel Braunstein

Stepping off  the Lizard by Mark Webster


Parting Shot by

Peter Scoones



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UwP62 — Sept/Oct 2011, 70 pages.

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News, Travel & Events

SY Oriental Siren Workshop with Don Silcock 23rd Aug to 2nd Sept 2012

Oceanz Dive Conference & Exhibition 2011 12/13th November, New Zealand

Backscatter Dive Truk Lagoon April 11th - 23rd 2012

Reef Photo Key Largo Weekend Workshop 2011-09-16 thru 2011-09-18

Exploring the True Behaviour of Crocs, Okavango Delta, July 2012

BSoUP / DIVER Print Competition 2011 Deadline: Saturday 1st October 2011

“The Techniques of Underwater Photography“ by Alex Mustard 

Emperor Marsa Alam expands to new resort

Ocean Art Photo Competition 2011

WildPhotos 2011 21-22 October 2011, London

Worldwide Dive and Sail and Eco Divers Resort, Lembeh

VIP Winter Dive Package at Capernwray


New Products

Backscatter Custom GoPro Housings

Nauticam Olympus EPL2 housing

Ultralight GoPro accessories

Fantasea Eyes - Upgraded Underwater Optics

INON Micro Fisheye Lens UFL-M150 ZM80

Gates External Monitors On Aquatica Camera Housings

Nikon AW100/AW100s

INON X-2 housing for Panasonic GF2

UK Germany GoPro housing

Optical Ocean Sales, LLC in  Seattle

Diving & Snorkelling Guide to Tropical Marine Life of the Indo-Pacific 

Outdoor Photographer  of the Year Deadline 25th September 2011


Product Reviews

Sola 4000 by Peter Rowlands

Nauticam GH2 housing by Peter Rowlands



A6M Zero by Chris Hamilton

Stormclouds over Eden by Wade and Robyn Hughes 

Back to the future by  Mark Webster



Things that glow by Alex Tyrrell


Marine Life

Snails and slugs by Mark Webster 


Parting Shot by Kristian Taylor





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UwP61 — Jul/Aug 2011, 79 pages.

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News, Travel & Events
Nauticam Demo Days aboard the M/V Spree
World Festival of Underwater Pictures, Palais du Pharo, Marseille - France
M/V Paisabatu II , Sulawesi
The HUGYCUP 2011 , Dahab Egypt 
Oonas Paul Duxfield Red Sea uw photo week
Ned and Anna DeLoach – first seminars at NEC Dive Show 
Maria Munn’s 5th Anniversary
Ocean Geographic Cenderawasih Bay (West Papua) Expeditions 2011
Hasselblad uw fashion/art photo workshop, Boca Raton, Florida
New Products
New Ikelite Tray and Handle Assemblies for Digital Housings
Nauticam Panasonic GH2 housing
EdgeDiveTech Ultra video lights
Acquapazza APOL-XZ1 housing for the Olympus XZ-1
Sea & Sea MDX-D7000 DSLR Housing for the Nikon D7000
iAppWrecks of the Adriatic Sea by Grega Ver
Ikelite Panasonic Lumix TS3, FT3
Dyron Fisheyes 8mm for Recsea/Seatool G10/11/12 housings
Olympus PT-EP05L  & PT-EP05L
Sea & Sea RDX-600D DSLR housing  for Canon EOS 600D
Ocean Leisure Cameras in London from July 18th
FIX Aquavolt 5000
SEACAM prelude for CANON EOS60D / NIKON D7000
Sealux Nikon D7000
SeaLife Dive & Sport Camera – Mini II  
Product Reviews 
Olympus TG-810 Review by Rob Spray
Nauticam Olympus XZ-1 housing by Peter Rowlands
Tokina 35mm f/2.8 DX Macro  by Tim Rock 
Red Sea Relish by Andy Deitsch 
Going Solo?  By Dr Alex Tattersall
Finland wreck techniques by Timo Ahomäki 
Marine Life
W.W.W.W.W.W.Whaleshark! By Mike Veitch
Weedy Wanderings by Mark Webster 
Golden PNG by Julian Cohen
Loloata Lacy’s and more by Nigel Marsh
The Underappreciated Philippines by David Reubush
Muck Diving Sydney style by Klaus Stiefel 
Parting Shots by
Digant Desai, Tim Priest, Dave Reubush and Alex Tyrell



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UwP60 — May/June 2011, 84 pages.

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News Travel & Events
Shark Fin Possession Bill Made Law in Guam
The Sardine Run with Mauricio Handler
Canadian photographer unveils u/w portraits
Estonian U/w photo Exhibition
Zeeuws and Dutch Open Championship
The Raja Ampat Photoquest with Martin and Sylvia Edge
Photographing Marine Animals with Paul Naylor
Maluku Divers, Ambon, Indonesia Hosted by Ryan Canon
Maria Munn uw photo workshop with Eco Divers
1st SNUPS Philippine Competition
Galapagos with Shannon Conway
Frogfish workshop in Sorido Bay Resort, Raja
Magic Charters - New UK photo friendly dive charter

New Products
Subal ND7000 for the Nikon D7000
Bonica 1080P HD camcorder
Nauticam NA-LX5 for the Panasonic LX5
Dyron glass dome port for Nauticam D-SLR housings
TLC 1” ball with 1/4-20” threaded hole
Dyron glass dome port for Ikelite D-SLR housings
Nauticam NA-60D for Canon 60D
UnderWater Camera Stuff Modular 5” Domes
Nauticam Panasonic GH2
Subal prism finder PS-30
New External Filters from Magic
Panasonic DMC-GH1 underwater housing
Dyron Double Macro M77
Lost Fleet of Bikini Atoll by Joseph Dovala
LeakSentinel - pre dive leak prevention for any UW housing!
Nauticam Ireland
Submerge Camera Turtle HD Video Housing
Cousteau DVD films and box set
New Acquapazza housings for the SONY DSC-HX7V and the Olympus XZ1
Seahorn Canon bracket and accessories

Product Reviews
Fantasea FP7000 by Peter Rowlands
Sigma 8-16mm by Tim Rock

Born free – Snorkelling by Tim Rock
Selective lighting by Daniel Stassen
Talking tek by Damien Siviero
Alternate views by Mark Webster

Raja Ampat by Carlos Virgili
Antarctica by Chris Sterritt
Amazon by Oliver Lucanus
Blue Heron Bridge by Mark Sagovac
Visaya Island by Massimo Mazzitelli
Guga Hunters by George Stoyle & Richard Shucksmith

Book Review Great British Marine Animals by Paul Naylor

Parting Shot by Chris Sterritt


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UwP59 — Mar/Apr 2011, 76 pages.

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News Travel & Events
Dive for Earth Day April 22nd 2011
SCUBA Show 2011
INTO THE DEEP Exhibition, Edinburgh, 25 Feb-1 May 2011
Scuba Symphony Facebook U/W Photo Contest 2011
Underwater World Shoot Out August 1-6 2011
Maldives  Deaf and hard of hearing trip with Naomi Hayim
2011 BSoUP British Underwater Photography Championships, Plymouth, Devon, 9th July 2011
11th International Underwater Art Festival Kiev, Ukraine from 14 to 17 April 2011
The BeachFront Club
New Site Helps Photographers Take Better Pictures
Mark Webster workshops 2011
Galapagos with Amos Nachoum, Sept 2011
BT Paralympic World Cup
GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011
Australian Underwater Photographers Unite to Protect the Coral Sea
Galapagos, The art of u/w photography with Shannon Conway, 11th June  24th June 2013
Photo Services at Atlantis Dive Resorts, Philippines
Photozone at LIDS, London Dive Show, March 27/28th 2011
The Red Sea in focus with Cameras Underwater, 18 - 25 March 2011 & 19 - 26 August 2011

New Products
Fantasea Fujifilm 3D W3 Camera & Housing Set
Ikelite SLR-DC Housing for Nikon D7000
Fantasea FP7000 Housing
Under the kelp by Joe Dovala
GoPro LCD BacPac
Keldan LUNA 8 LA-V CRI
Housing Sentry price reduction
Ikelite PC LED Series
Ikelite Panasonic Lumix LX-5 housing
NOVUS Plastic Polish
Panasonic FT3

Product Reviews
Fisheye FIX housing for Canon Powershot S95 by Peter Rowlands
Field Review: FIT Close Up Lenses By Alex Mustard
Acquapazza APSO Sony NEX-5 housing by Peter Rowlands
Olympus XZ-1 and EPL-2 bodies with PT-050 and PT-EP03 housings by Rob Spray
Aquatica AD7000 Review by Keri Wilk
Making an Aquatica by Jean Bruneau, Aquatica Technical Adviser
Reflections on Domes by Pete Atkinson

Back to Bali - USAT Liberty By Mark Webster
Pearls Of Borneo by Chris Mitchell

Marine Life
Egg-cellent shot! by Alex Tyrell

Heavy Metal Wrecks by Alexander Mustard

Parting Shots
by Dan Bolt and Kaido Haagen


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UwP58 — Jan/Feb 2011, 76 pages.

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News Travel & Events
Tonga Humpback Whale Expedition on Nai’a, September 02-12, 2011
Doug and Mieko Hoffman received Eastman Kodak  Awards
British Underwater Image Festival Competition 2011, Deadline: 7th January 2011
The Big Scuba Show, 19/20th February 2011, Olympia, London
Our World Underwater Photo and Video Competition: Deadline: 17th January, 2011
Whale sharks of Utila 1st-9th April 2011
13th CMAS World Underwater Photography Championship, Bodrum,,, Turkey 26 - 31 May 2011
Alexanderia the Great, World record underwater escapologist

New Products
Nauticam UK distribution network
Ikelite PRO-2800 LED
INON Snoot Set for Z-240/D-2000
ACQUAPAZZA Sony NEX-5 housing
INON 28LD Mount Base DC38
INON UWL-H100 28LD Wide Conversion Lens
Ikelite Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS10 & FT10 housing
External TFT Monitor for SUBAL housings
INON Tripod Adapter
Frogfish Photography are Nauticam Dealers
Bonica adaptable camera housing
Aquatica Nikon D3/D3s/D3x housing
Aquatica extension ring with Focusing knob for the Canon EF 16-35mm & EF 17-40mm
Light and Motion SOLA hands-free dive lights
AQUA LED 800 Video and focus light
Bonica/JVC video system
Ultralight GoPro mount
Bluewater Photo store
Aquatica AD 7000 housing for Nikon D7000
Aquatica Pole Cam System
2011 Calendar from Jeremy & Amanda Cuff
OCEANS TWELVE - Unique calendar celebrates the marine environment
IApps - Underwater Photo Simulator & Nudibranch Wizard

Ocean Art results by Scott Gietler

Product Reviews
Nikon D7000 review by Alex Mustard
Housing Sentry review by Damien Siviero

1st Sardine Run  by Chris Mitchell

Marine Life
Catfish in the Rhône by Rémi Masson
Rio Negro’s Amazons by Michel Braunstein

Working the subject by Michael Gallagher
An Alternate View by Mark Webster

Meet Anita Sherwood by Peter Rowlands

Parting Shots
by Joseph Dovala, Alan Larsen & Gordon MacSkimming


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UwP57 — Nov/Dec 2010, 85 pages.

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News & Travel
Hasselblad and Custom Photo Images workshop January 22-29, 2011 Grand Cayman
Eco Divers Scubazoo Digital Photo Centre in North Sulawesi
2011 Underwater Competition launching Soon
2011 Beneath the Sea International Imaging Competition
Divequest, Birdquest and Wild Images opens in Austin, Texas on Sept 7th

New Products
Aquatica AT2i housing for the Canon T2i/550
Nauticam NA-NEX5 Housing for Sony NEX-5
Fantasea Nikon Coolpix P7000 housing
Light & Motion Fathom Wetmate 65 lens
Ultralight Pan and tilt tripod with extendable legs
Nauticam NA-645DF Housing for PhaseOne 645DF
Sea&Sea VF45 45 degree Viewfinder
Sea&Sea DX-GE5 Compact Camera Set
Aquatica AN-5 housing for the Sony NEX-5 camera

Product Reviews
Nauticam NA-NEX5 housing for Sony NEX-5 by Phil Rudin
Seahorn Snoot review by Kay-Burn Lim
Light & Motion SOLA600 by Alex Mustard
Athena ARF Ring Flash by Phil Rudin

Creativity in the Canaries by Dr Alex Tattersall
Winners of Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year announced
Ethics in wildlife photography by Tim Priest
Strobe Positioning, The Rabbit Ears Technique by Julian Cohen
Off-Camera Strobes by Alex Mustard
Ultraviolet photography by Matej Simonic
Stroboscopic by Glenn Lawyer

Diving in Sark with Sue Daly
Muck diving, French style by Jean-Philippe Borges & Gilles Suc
Gozo Europe’s winter warmer by Sean Arrowsmith

Marine life
Snorkelling with Basking Sharks by Charles Hood

Parting Shots
by Julian Cohen, Diggy Desai and Tim Priest


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UwP56 — Sept/Oct 2010, 90 pages.

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News, Travel & Events
Need your help to stop needless shark killing here in Palm Beach, Florida!
World Festival of underwater pictures, 27-31 october 2010, Marseille, France
Epson Red Sea Full HD Live Underwater Broadcasts at the Photokina 2010 Fair!
Basking Sharks of Cornwall, England with Mauricio Handler June 2nd-7th 2011
The Nobel of the Sea to the Swiss photographer Jean-Claude Uldry
Brighton Pier with Maria Munn 23rd & 24th October 2010
2011 Raja Ampat Entrance Tag Design Contest
A Ray of Hope for Manta Rays in Brazil
Ocean Art Photo Competition 2010
Waterworld Images Dominica Sperm whale trips 6-13 and 13-20 of Nov 2011
MacGillivray Freeman Films Launches “One World Ocean”
Blue water, white sharks with Charles Hood 27th Sept - 4th Oct 2011
President José Ramos-Horta announces the inaugural International Dive Photo Contest of Timor-Leste October 9 -15th 2010

New Products
Sea & Sea DX-GE5
Wild Waters book by Michael Patrick O'Neill
The Beginner’s Guide to Underwater Digital Photography by Larry Gates
Nimar Nikon housings
New depth rating for Sea & Sea MDX-7D housing and ports
UNZ-2449 universal LCD 3x magnifier for underwater housing LCDs
Nauticam NA-550D housing for the Canon T2i
Ikelite Panasonic ZS5, ZS7, TS8 & TZ10
Ikelite Housing for Canon SD4000IS, IXUS 300HS & IXY 30S
Sensational Seas Two DVD
New BS Kinetics Universal housing for camcorders
INON X2 housing for Panasonic GF1
UnderWater Camera Stuff Housing Sentry
Ikelite Housing for Flip SlideHD Camcorder
Underwater New South Wales DVD
Gates HMR10/HCK10 POV Housings

Product reviews
Olympus E-PL1 & PT-EP01 housing by Phil Rudin
The Sigma 17-70mm A lens for the indecisive? by Dr Alex Tattersall
Nauticam White Balance Port by Peter Rowlands
SeaLife DC1200 by Peter Rowlands
Leak Insure by Alex Mustard

Shooting SLR video with Berkley White by Peter Rowlands
Over/under photography by Peter Verhoog
Digital Infrared Photography Underwater by Kathy White

Lobelia lakes by Ole Pedersen
Walea by Angel Cegarra
Caves of La Palma by Glenn Lawyer
Low Lee Reef by Mark Webster

Marine life
The Sea of the Dragons by Erik Henchoz
Shark Shootout by Joseph Tepper

Book Review
Underwater Photography for Compact Camera Users by Maria Munn by Dan Bolt

Parting Shots
by Joe Dovala, Morris Gregory and Alex Tattersall


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UwP55 — July/Aug 2010, 75 pages.

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News, Travel & Events
Cameras Underwater presents Martin Edge & Alex Mustard On Underwater Photography, 6th November 2010, Imperial College, London.
Manado’s First Annual Fish & Critter Hunt with Ned and Anna DeLoach 16th - 23rd October 2010
San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition Call for entries by July 15th 2010
Maria Munn Photography Workshop SY Mandarin Siren 9 - 19th January 2011
Underwater Photo Tutorials, Online education for the Underwater Photographer Created by Jack and Sue Drafahl
North Sea Film Festival Studio/K in Amsterdam November 19 - 21
Aaron Wong Photography Workshops SY Philippine Siren
INON UK Uw Photo Course
Wetpixel Alaska Expedition June 11-23 2011 with Eric Cheng and Alex Mustard
Manatees with Mauricio Handler January 31- Feb 5 &- Feb 5-10, 2011
Underwater Photography for Compact Camera Users by Maria Munn
Thirteenth Beach: Diving adventures around the world by Wade Hughes
“Visions in the Sea” Summer Series Charlie Hood Workshop - Wildlife of Cornwall 3rd &4th July 2010
Wetpixel Night Safari Ambon 2010 With Eric Cheng and Tony Wu 7 - 16th Nov 2010

New Products
Zen PT-EP01 Dome
INON Snoot Set for S-2000
Light & Motion Sola 600
See Life and Hugyfot
Subal ND3 housing for Nikon D3/D3x
Ultralight TR-DM
Amphibico housing for Sony HDR XR550V AND CX550V
SUBAL DP-100 ‘The Small One’
Olympus PT-EP01
Ultralight TR-LB
Subal CD4 for Canon EOS 1D Mark IV
Aquatica housing for the Canon 550 / T2i Rebel
INON M67 Lens Adapter Base for Fujifilm FinePix 80 & 200

Equipemt reviews
The “Fibresnoot” by Phil Mercurio
The New Kid Named Canon G11 by Lawrence Alex Wu

Photo Competitions

Trials and Tribulations….. of shooting a Dive Training reverse cover byJoseph C. Dovala

Marine life
With the sperm whales of the mid-Atlantic Ridge
by Wade Hughes FRGS

Raptures of the Emerald Deep. British Columbia’s Diving Wonders by Jett Britnell
Philippine Impressions by Eric Hanauer
Rig Diving in Borneo by Mark Webster
Muck Diving in St. Kitts - by Jason Phillip
The ‘golden islands’ of the French Riviera by Jean-Philippe Borges

Parting Shots
by Lena Holm and Joris van Alphen


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UwP54 — May/June 2010, 80 pages.

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News, Travel & Events
Dominica 17th Dive Fest, July 9-18th 2010
AquaMarine Dive Safaris 2010
PAF Tachov 2010
Red Sea Schooling Fish safari, 4th-11th July 2010
Eco Divers’ Boutique Lembeh Cottages
Reef and Wrecks in the Red Sea , UW Photo Workshop with Mark Webster , 1-8 October 2010
Cenotes of the Yucatan Photoquest, 4th June - 12th June 2011 with Martin and Sylvia Edge
BLUE 2010 August 24-29th, Monterey
10th Marmara Underwater Festival, Istanbul, 26 June - 03 July 2010
Epson Red Sea 2010 Competition
David Doubilet to speak at WildPhotos 2010, 22nd & 23rd October, London
Icebox Gallery presents Beneath the Surface by Rhea Pappas, Minneapolis, May 15 - July 3rd

New Products
Ikelite Canon SX210 IS housing
Adapters for Inon UFL-MR130 EFS60 Fisheye Macro Lens
Seahorn Snoot for Underwater Strobes
Aquatica Mini Dome 100
Olympus PT-048 housing for TOUGH-8010/6020
Fantasea FSD-1100 Housing for Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS
Keldan lights in the US
Ikelite Canon SD1400 IS, IXUS 130IS & IXY 400F housing
Aquatica port adaptors
Aquatica redesigned TLC tripod
SeaLife DC1200
Nimar housings in the UK
Sea & Sea MDX-7D housing for Canon EOS 7D

Equipment reviews
Sea & Sea YS-01 strobe by Peter Rowlands
Best Point & Shoot Cameras for 2010 by Berkley White & Jim Decker
REDSEE RED housing by Hugo Fairs
Canon HF-S11 in Gates housing with GP32 wide angle port by Simon Deane
Dive a plane at Capenwray UK by Adam Hanlon

Photographer profile
An Interview with Mr Nauticam by Dr Alex Tattersall

Marine life
Dory Story by Dan Bolt

Triton Bay, Lost in the Past by Carlos Virgili
Island hopping in the Philippines by Alan Larsen
The Medas Islands, An underwater refuge by Francesco Ricciardi
Muck diving in Florida by Kristian Taylor
Tulamben Wreck Divers by Ken Hoppen

DVD reviews
CS4 is for UW Photogs by Tim Rock
Lair of the Waterwolf by Dean Burman by Rob Cuss

Book reviews
Martin Edge’s The Underwater Photographer, Fourth Edition Review by Steve Williams
Sharks, Close encounters by Peter Verhoog & Georgina WiersmaTonga, Kingdom of the Whales by Tim Rock with Yoko Higashide
Grand Cayman by Tim Rock & Olga Spoelstra
Bonaire Bounty, Caribbean Marine Park by Tim Rock with Olga Spoelstra

Parting Shot by Joseph Tepper


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UwP53 — Mar/Apr 2010, 67 pages.

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News, Travel & Events

‘The Red Sea in focus’ Cameras Underwater and blue o two
Worldwide Dive and Sail Photo Courses
Amazing Seas Book Event
Komodo and Rinca with Alex Mustard
Bunaken and Lembeh with Eco Divers
Underwater Images 2010 Entries now being accepted!
DivePhotoGuide Tutorials

New Products
Diveross DSLR housings
Ikelite Kodak Zi8 Camcorder housing
Fisheye filter holder
Zen Underwater DP-100 100mm Fisheye Dome Port
Sea & Sea YS-01 strobe
Leak Insure’s Ultra Absorbent Sachets
INON Panasonic M67 Adapter
Nauticam arrives in the UK
Ikelite Photo School, Wakatobi
FinePix F80EXR and WPFX-F80 housing
INON X-2 for
Panasonic GF1
Ultima Digital Hasselblad H2D II housing
Sea & Sea MDX-D300s housing

Product Reviews
Canon 7D Housing Review by Berkley White
Canon 7D, Aquatica A7D and Fibre Optics by Glenn Lawyer
Olympus E-620 SLR, PT-E06 and UFL-2 strobe
by Rob Spray
Memory Kick review by Alex Mustard
Lightzone Software by Peter Rowlands

The Aquarium Diver by Marcelo Mariozi
The Sunken Goose by Joseph C. Dovala

How can you be so happy when your photos suck?
by Craig Reynolds

Marine life
Summer and Autumn by Mark Webster
Photographing the Great White Shark by Don Silcock

DVD Reviews
The End of the Line by Peter Rowlands

Parting shots
by Pete Atkinson and Alex Mustard


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UwP52 — Jan/Feb 2010, 80 pages.

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News, Travel & Events
2010 Calendars from Jeremy & Amanda Cuff
Dive Fest 2010
Cageless Shark Diving on MV Dolphin Dream
Digital Centre North Sulawesi
Great white shark photography workshop with Charles Hood
Alex Mustard Underwater Photography Workshop
DivePhotoGuide Relaunch
Peter Scoones Masterclass

New Products
Nauticam NA-7D housing for Canon EOS 7D
Kastesa UHC-LD4 for Leica D-Lux4/ Panasonic LX-3
Aquatica Canon 7D housing
It’s a WRAP for Light & MotionIkelite
DS161 Movie Substrobe
Ikelite Nikon D3000 housing
Nexus Nikon D40
Gates Canon HF-S11
Seatool CX520 housing for Sony HDR-CX520V and 500V
Sea & Sea YS-02 slave strobe
XD Amphibicam X3 Pro Housing for the Sony PMW-EX3 camcorder
Plaber introduce TTX01
Nanuk cases
Bluewater Scooter Cam
Ikelite Canon S90 housing
Visions in the Sea report

CLS underwater by Don Silcock
Cold water kit by Adam Hanlon
Wide macro by Don Silcock

In conversation with Kurt Amsler by Alex Mustard

Tumakohua Pass by Colin Gans
Cocos by Michael Gallagher
Gt Barrier Reef by Tim Rock
Flores and Bali by Nigel Marsh & Helen Rose
Port Hardy by Lucas Price
Mucky thoughts from Lembeh by Mark Webster

Marine life
Gt White Shrimp by Everett M. Turner Jr
Malta’s Giant Tuna by Paul Colley

Book review
by Alex Mustard

Parting shots
by Linda Robertson, Joseph Dovala and Arun Madisetti


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UwP51 — Nov/Dec 2009, 69 pages.

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News, Travel & Events
Underwater competition
Epson Red Sea 2009, November 9-14th in Eilat, Israel , Prizes Valued At $80,000!
New danger for the turtles on Bali
2010 Caribbean Workshop with Mauricio Handler, Cooper Island, BVI, May 8-14, 2010
Protect Goliath Groupers
Eco Divers and Kima Bajo Resort rates for 2010 the same as for 2009!
Girls Together, Grand Cayman, 1st -8th May 2010
Underwater Photography Stage Opens At Underwater Movie Studio
Open Water, Gt White Shark, October 10-17 2010

New Products
Subal CD500 for Canon EOS 500D
OceanEye 4k Red
Fujifilm Remora Slave Flash
UW Leak Detectors range expands
Light & Motion SunRay 600 LED
Ikelite port locks and focus light mount
Ultralight Light & Motion base adaptor
Gates HPX3700 Housing
Subal ND300s for Nikon D300s
Aquatica D300s housing
Olympus PT-E06 housing for E-620 SLR
Ikelite Housings for Nikon Coolpix S570 and S640
New Subal website
Olympus PT-047
Sea & Sea on Facebook
Ultralight video trays and handles
Patima Redshark PL2700 Power LED Light
Nauticam NA-D90 Nikon housing
Nauticam viewfinder for Ikelite, Sea & Sea, Aquatica and Subal
Watershot WDS-450D Canon housing
The Underwater Photographer, Fourth Edition by Martin Edge

Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009 - The Underwater World

Close Focus Wide Angle by Alex Mustard
Copyright by Simon Brown

A conversation with… Martin Edge by Alex Mustard
Komodo Workshop by Catherine Masson, Rachel Russel & Cedric Villiere

The Coral Sea - A dwarf, a pigmy and a genie by Troy Mayne
The Road Less Traveled in Cayman by Jonathan Dietz
Fijian Feast, Beqa Banquet by Nigel Marsh

Marine life
“Kelpology” by Joseph C. Dovala

Parting shots
Jeff Mullins and Alan Larsen


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UwP50 — Sept/Oct 2009, 65 pages.

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News & Travel
North Sea Film Festival November 6-8th 2009
DPG monthly photo competition
Marine Biology One Day Course Saturday, 12 September, 2009, Action Underwater Studios, Essex
Manatee Lovers
2010 Raja Ampat Entrance Tag Design Contest
Sharks in Focus 2009
Fujifilm Scubasnap 12/13th September 2009
Visions in the Sea 7&8th November 2009
Lankayan - The Borneo Photoquest 23 January - 7 February 2010 with Martin and Sylvia Edge
BSoUP/DIVER Print Exhibition London Aquarium
Florida - Manatees with Mustard 5th - 11th February 2010
The BSoUP Splash-in results 2009

New Products
Canon PowerShot G11
SEALUX CC5II Canon 5D MKII housing
Aquatica housing for Canon T1i
Big Blue Focus Light
Aquatica HD Wave for Canon HF S10/100
Seahorn accessories
Flip Video Ultra & UltraHD (2nd Gen) Ikelite Housing
Fantasea Remora Flash
Sea & Sea RDX-500D DSLR Housing
10Bar Nikon D90 housing
Fantasea BigEye Lenses

Equipment reviews
Aquatica D90 by Tim Rock
Canon D10 by Rob Spray
Wide, macro zoom by Mark Webster
Canon 5D video by Berkley White

Socorro by Jeremy Cuff
Gunung Api by Chris Mitchell
Whalesharks by Glenn Lawyer

Marine life
Springtime by Mark Webster

Software review
Keyword software by Alex Mustard

Parting Shots
by Peter Rowlands & Joe Dovala


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UwP49 — July/Aug 2009, 76 pages.

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News & Events
MarineLife Keyword List
New Underwater Photography Family Courses
Marsa Alam caverns
Escape to Nature
Fly Diving Australia
Papua New Guinea:A quest for diversity with Alex Mustard

New Products
Aquatica “HD WAVE”
Sea & Sea MDX-5D MkII dSLR Housing
LMI Bluefin Canon S10/S100
Ikelite Housing for Nikon D-5000
New FIX LED1000DX and LED500DX now shipping
Easy Dive Leo housing
Underwater landscape prints
Fantasea Canon A480 and Nikon L19/20 housings
Sea & Sea DX-2G Digital Compact
Kastesa UHR-LM8 housing for Leica Digital Camera M8
Subal Strobecase SN-900
Digital Nikonos Industry Design Challenge

Interview with Hubert Lacour by Sim Chee Ghee

Product Reviews
Aquatica Canon 5D by Bruce Yates
Epoque ERX-C1010 by Dan Bolt
Sea & Sea DX-2G by Peter Rowlands
Fuji F200EXR by Rob Spray

Compact Course 3 by Maria Munn
Panoramas by Joseph C. Dovala
Fisheyes for FX by Alex Mustard & Jeff Hartog

Marsa Shagra by Mark Webster
Iceland’s cracks by Gisli A. Gudmundsson
Khao Sok caves by Ayesha Cantrell
Ambon’s Eel Man by Rod Klein
Phi Phi Island by Tobias Reitmayr

Marine life
Black Coral by Glenn Lawyer

Parting Shots
by Douglas Ebersole, Tim Priest & Jeremy Cuff


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UwP48 — May/June 2009, 67 pages.

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News & Events
New Photo Website from Sea&Sea
The Fashion & Nudity Category In memory of Mike Portelly
WildPhotos 2009
BSoUP/Diver print competition winner
BSoUP Splash-In

New Products
Aquatica HD WAVE for Sony HD videos
Ikelite Nikon Coolpix L20
Fuji FinePix F200EXR and WPFX-F200 housing
SUBAL CD5MII for Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Ikelite Canon 5D Mark II housing
Subal ND90 for Nikon D90
Dive Rite LED LUX Canister Light
Epoque ERX-C1010 for Canon Canon Rebel XS/EOS 1010
Fantasea LED 360 light
The History of Underwater Photography and Cinematography in Italy.
Sea & Sea MDX-PRO D700 dSLR housing

Product Reviews
Panasonic LX3 and UK Germany DL4 by Peter Rowlands
Epoque ERX-C1010/C-1010-X2 by Sim Chee Ghee
UK-Germany 50D Housing by Mikko Voipio
Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD2000 with Epoque/Patima housings by Sim Chee Ghee
Patima Housing for Canon G10 by Sim Chee Ghee

CompactCourse Pt2 with Maria Munn
Composition and Negative Space by Mark Webster

Kingdom of the Whales by Tim Rock
Adventure of an amateur by Alex Goldblum
Diving in Lake Päijänne with Sauli Havas
Sunny Skies and Strange Life in the Maluku Sea by Michael Emerson
For Muck’s Sake by Michael Gallagher

Parting Shots
by Dan Bolt, Ryan Burdeno, Tobias Reitmayr & Joe Dovala


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UwP47 — Mar/Apr 2009, 79 pages.

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News, Travel & Events
The World’s First Underwater Photography and Freediving Course
2009 Workshop with Mauricio Handler
Sea Lady UW Photo Competition
Solomon Islands / Bilikiki Charter Led by: Rod Klein
Maria Munn Photo Trip Nuweiba
underwaterphotography.com 2008/9 Champion - Michel Lonfat
Tony White Kima Bajo & Kungkungan Bay workshop
2009 Underwater Images Photo-Video Competition
Orca Divers Underwater Photography Competition 2008
Celebrate the Sea Festival 2009 Philippines
DivePhotoGuide Wetpixel Competition
“Aphrodite” the Cyprus Experience Competition

New Products
Aquatica Nikon D90 housing
Heinrichsweikamp Remote Slave Unit
UK Germany Panasonic LX3/DL4 housing
Sea&Sea DX-1200HD
Watershot Canon WDS-450D housing
IMAX Under the Sea 3D
Ikelite WD-4 Wide Angle Conversion Dome
10Bar housing for Nikon D90
Fantasea Canon PowerShot SD1100 housing
Aquatica Canon 5D mark II housing
Best Underwater Point & Shoot Cameras for 2009
SUBAL in corporate image makeover
Sea&Sea RDX DSLR Housings
HDVSEATEK lights and lenses
Sea&Sea RDX DSLR housings
New Guam’s Ocean
Leyndardómar sjávarins vio Ísland
Ilha Grande Submerged
Beneath Cornish Seas

Equipment reviews
10Bar LX3 housing by Sim Chee Ghee/Peter Rowlands
DIY Ring flash by Alexander Mustard

3 Workshops by Alan Larsen
Compact Workshop by David Kittos
Alex Mustard Workshop by Julian Cohen

Compact Course 1 by Maria Munn

Peter Scoones by Gillian McDonald

Marine life
Morehead City Sharks by Chris Walker
Cuttlery Draw by Rob Spray

Bali Reprised by Mark Webster

DVD review
Shooting Magic by Steve Williams

Parting Shots
by Patrick Mitchell-Jones and Ted Kinsman


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UwP46 — Jan/Feb 2009, 70 pages.

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News & Travel

Gt White Sharks and Kelp Forests with Maria Munn
Beneath Cornish Seas by Mark Webster
Fiji’s first Shark Photo and Video Shootout
Dive Nomad Marion Reef 2009
SDUPS Festival and Competition
British Underwater Image Festival 2009

New Products

Ikelite Canon 5D Mark II housing
FIX G10 Housing for Canon Powershot G10
INON Float Arms
Top Dawg 11 video housing
Olympus PT-044 housing
10Bar housing for Panasonic LX3
Epoque Canon Rebel housing
Gimme a hug DVD
Marine Life of Fiji & Tonga DVD
Reefscapes: Nature’s Aquarium DVD
Nikon D3x Underwater Housing Test Fit
Philippines ‘The Heart of the Ocean
Backscatter And Underwater Photo-Tech Have Merged!
Cameras Underwater Express new web shop

Product reviews

FX for Nikonians by Alexander Mustard
Canon Ixus 980IS by Dan Bolt
Tamron 70-200mm Macro Lens by James Wiseman
FIX LED1000DX light by Peter Rowlands
aunoc 1CR LED light
Silver Efex Pro software


Bali Photo Course by Gerald Rambert
The Underwater “Golden Hour” by Don Silcock


Life in the middle of the Atlantic by Andre Seale
The New North. Palau by Open Road by Tim Rock
Horseshoes and Dragons by Mark Webster
Kona - The Big Island by Michael Wicks

Marine life

Doggone Dugong by Mark Webster
Mantas of the Maldives by Julian Cohen
The Sarangani Bay Reef Dome Project by Stan de la Cruz

Parting Shot

Parting Shot by Peter Bambrough


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UwP45 — Nov/Dec 2008, 75 pages.

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News & Travel

Sea Shepherd Operation Musashi
Greenpeace Surrenders to the Japanese Whaling Fleet
Alex Mustard U/w Photography Workshop
DivePhotoGuide Awarded Best Website At Antibes
12th International Underwater Film Festival in Belgrade, Serbia
Divequest 2009-2010 catalogue
Eco Divers teams up with Oxygène Diving
Lembeh Straits Photo Workshop
with Mark Webster
Medex 2009, Istanbul
Raja Ampat Tourism Entry Tag Contest

New Products

Aquatica Nikon D700
Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale
Subal ND700 for Nikon D700
Ultralight tripod
INON macro fisheye lens
Ultralite 2” buoyancy arms
Nekton housings for RED cameras
EasyDive Leo USB control
The Ships of Darkness DVD
Shooting Magic DVD

Product reviews

Olympus Mju770SW by Rob Spray
Cheap polecam by Alex Mustard
Patima Canon G9 by John Cesere
Sony A350 and BS Kinetics by Karin Brussaard
Wetpixel Quarterly review by Douglas David Seifert


Cornwall's King of Prussia by Mark Webster
Chalkidiki by Nicholas Samaras and Rabae Latridou
Bimini magic by Tim Rock & Yoko Higashide
East Kalimantan by Alex Tyrrel

Marine life

Great White shark by Julian Cohen
School’s out by Mark Webster

Coding a vessel by Charles Hood

Parting Shots
by Dave Bluck, Joe Dovala, John Natoli & Tobias Reitmayr


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UwP44 — Sept/Oct 2008, 56 pages.

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News, Travel & Events

North Sea Film Festival
NCUPS 44th photo competition
Hugycup foto and video competition
Eurotek 08
Explore the Caribbean’s barrier reef
Eco Divers Digital Photo Shoot-out 2008
Sea turtle hunt in diver’s paradise

New Products

SeaLife DC800
Ikelite Housing for Olympus Stylus 1030 (mju 1030)
Sealux housing for the Sony PWM-EX1
Sea & Sea YS110 alpha strobe
Fantasea FSD-770
Ikelite Olympus E-510/520 housing
L&M Bluefin SR12
INON S-2000 strobe

Product reviews

Nikon D3 Aquatica by Charles Hood
3 into 2 by Mark Webster
Reefmote control by Tim Rock
Sony SR8/Ikelite by Karin Brussaard
Olympus E420 by Rob Spray


Dogs underwater by Brooke Mayo
Behind the shot by Martin Edge


Brothers in Arms by Mark Webster
Marion Reef by Nigel Marsh

Parting Shots

Simon Brown and Nigel Marsh


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UwP43 — July/Aug 2008, 58 pages.

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News, Travel & Events

Alex Mustard’s Cayman Workshop
Papua New Guinea Photo Trip
Beneath the Sea 2009
Elysium 2010
Eco Divers Digital Photo Shoot-out 2008
Sandisk Red Sea 2008
NYUPS website
Div’Ocean Bonaire
Marmara Festival
‘Getting Creative With Your Compact Camera’ Course
Puri Jati Retreat
Hawaii’s Kona Coast

New Products

Ikelite SubStrobe DS-160
SEALUX - HSD9 housing for Panasonic HDC-SD9 EG
Amphibico Phenom Z7LE for the Sony HVR-Z7U
Sea & Sea YS-17

Product Reviews

Around the clock with a D2x by Alexander Mustard
Akona Computer Pro roller bag by Michael Wicks
Canon 40D and Hugyfot HFC 40D by Karin Brussaard


Digital Double Exposures by Alex Mustard


Marsa Shagra by Austen Bannister
Dumaguete Delights by Mark Webster
Not your average critter spotter by Mike Veitch

Marine Life

Hitchhikers Guide to the Reef by Mark Webster

Book Review

Magic Beneath the Seas

Parting Shot

Joseph C. Dovala


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UwP42 — May/June 2008, 62 pages.

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News, Travel & Events
Mark Webster’s Underwater Photo Workshops 2008
Ocean Optics Relocates to Action Underwater Studios
DivePhotoGuide Socorro 2009
Antibes Film Festival 2008
Shoot to Thrill
MCS Photo Competition
First Annual Fish ID Challenge
Layang Layang Shootout
Eco Divers - new diving at luxury resort Kima Bajo
Turks & Caicos Uw Photo Competition
International Kemer Underwater Days
Snapper School with Cameras Underwater and Scuba Travel
Bali Scuba

New Products
Aquatica Canon 1DS Mark III housing
Heinrichsweikamp Remote Slave Unit
Fantasea Canon housing
Subal 45° viewfinder
Tokina 10-16mm
Sealux JVC housing
Nexus 1017 Tokina Dome Port
Light & Motion Stingray HD and Bluefin HC7
Aquatica Nikon D300 housing

Equipment reviews
Olympus E3 / Nexus E3 by Karin Brussard
Nikon D300 and Subal ND3 by Martin Edge
Sealux CD300 for the Nikon D300 by Colin Gans
Heinrichs Weikamp Nikon iTTL Converter by Mark Webster

Strobes and water colour by Alexander Mustard

Marine Life
Juvenile Giants of Djibouti by Morris Gregory
Seasonal Selection by Mark Webster

Wakatobi by Michael Wicks
Exploring Uncharted FakFak With Tim Rock and Miyuki Konda

Parting Shot by Tim Priest


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UwP41 — Mar/Apr 2008, 66 pages.

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News, Travel & Events
Wetpixel Quarterly magazine
BSoUP Splash In 2008-02-26
Whales Revenge
PEW Charitable Trust
Shore-based Underwater Photography Workshops for Beginners with Maria Munn
DivePhotoGuide Competitions
Komodo Photo Workshop with Gerald Rambert
Have Maluku Divers found a “new” frogfish?
Underwater Photo Workshops with Mauricio Handler
GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2008
Understanding Sharks with Grant Bates
‘Fragile Existence’
Celebrate the Sea, Manila Ocean Park, Philippines
Orca Divers Underwater Photography Competition 2007
3rd Annual Wetpixel and DivePhotoGuide Competition Winners

New Products
Ikelite Olympus E3 housing
Sealux CC40 Canon EOS 40D housing
Seatool XTi housing
Seacam Seaflash 250
Aquatica Nikon D3 housing

Equipment reviews
Olympus E-410 and PT-E03 housing by Rob Spray
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 Review by Karin Brussaard
Nikon D300 and Ikelite Housing by Dave Harasti
Sea & Sea MDX-D300 by Berkley White

Photographers Profile
American Waters by Alex Kirkbride

Marine Life
Sweet, Button-eyed Creatures. My Love Affair with the Florida Manatee by Carol Grant
Cuba Diving - The West Side by Felix Rodriguez
Pacific Highway Treasure by Aengus Moran

Macro photography by Don Silcock
Wrecks to Reefs by Mark Webster
When the Answer is Black & White by Joseph C. Dovala
Behind the shot with Martin Edge

Book & Film Reviews
A Diver’s Guide To The Art Of Underwater Photography by Andrea & Antonella Ferrari
Marine Life of Bootless Bay Papua New Guinea by Mark Baine and David Harasti
Sharkwater film

Parting Shots by
Dejan Mavric
Nigel Marsh
Alex Mustard


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UwP40 — Jan/Feb 2008, 66 pages.

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News, Travel & Events
Destination Dominica webzine
OWU2008 and DEEP2008 Deadlines
Ocean Optics Open Day with Mark Webster
Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition 2008
Kungkungan Bay Resort refurbishment
Three New Lonely Planet Books by Tim Rock
1000th Whale Shark Found
Manta Mania, Yap, Micronesia
Wrecks, Reef and Muck in Tulamben with Mark Webster
Ferraris at Kungkungan Bay
International Year of the Reef 2008
Aldabra with John Boyle
Alex Mustard’s Red Sea Digital Photography Workshop
Shark Angels

New Products
Ikelite AutoFlash AF35
Sea & Sea TTL Converter III
Light and Motion Sunray 1000
Ocean Optics and Action Underwater Studios
Fantasea Nikon Coolpix S50 and S51 housing
Ultralight AC-CSL clamp
Aquatica Buoyancy Compensating Floats
Nexus INON 45 degree viewfinder
Amphibico Endeavor
New owners at Sealux
Gates XHA1/G1 Housing
Olympus PT-041 for Mju790 compact
New Yap Book by Tim Rock
A Divers Guide to the Art of Underwater Photography

Equipment reviews
Going Live-The Olympus E-330 by Rob Spray
Compact flash comparisons by Dan Bolt and Dan Hopkins

Capture the Character by Mark Webster
Behind the shot by Martin Edge
Portraits by Erik Henchoze

Nemo33 - Dive another way by Michel Braunstein
Mantangale Melange, Philippines by Stan de la Cruz
Adventure Mozambique by Tim Rock
Gelatinous bonanza for the deep ocean beasts by Mario Lebrato

Book Reviews by Peter Rowlands
H20 by Howard Schatz
American Waters by Alex Kirkbride

Parting Shot 1 by Simon Brown
Parting Shot3 by David Fleetham
Parting Shot3 by Mike Davidge


Open Fotosub El Hierro 2007 with Linda Pitkin


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UwP39 — Nov/Dec 2007, 62 pages.

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News, Travel & Events

Our World Underwater 2008
11th International Underwater Film Festival in Belgrade
2008 British Underwater Image Festival (BUIF)
Beneath the Sea 2008
DEEP Indonesia International Underwater Photo Competition
Rod Klein trip Adventurer II - Raja Ampat
DivePhotoGuide Unveils Website Overhaul
Turtle Week Bali

New Products

Aquatica Nikon D40x housing
Gates Deep Red
Ikelite Housing for Canon A650
Mullin’s Housing Leak Detector
Aquatica remote release
Nexus Nikon D300
Nexus Canon 40D
Fantasea FP-5000

Equipment reviews

Compact cameras update by Peter Rowlands
Fuji Finepix F40 and WP-FXF40 housing
Canon PowerShot A570 IS and WP-DC12
Canon IXUS 75 and WP-DC14 housing
Panasonic DMC-FX01 and DMW-MCFX01
Sony DCS-W90 and MPK-WB
Olympus mju760 and PT-036

A car for the underwater photographer by Alexander Mustard


The East Coast of Bali with Don Silcock
Observing life in the Bay of Fundy by Scott Leslie
Go Big in the Red Sea by Mark Webster


Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2007 Report by Alex Mustard


Sorry Willy by Troy Mayne

Book Review

Reefs Revealed by Alex Mustard

Parting Shots by

Randy Veliky SR
Christian Sgarbi
Joe Dovala


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UwP38 — Sept/Oct 2007, 64 pages.

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News, travel & Events
North Sea Film Festival, Netherlands
Small dive groups at Tasik Ria
fishdb.co.uk web site
East Midlands Underwater Photographers
Photography recruitment website
11th El Hierro Open Fotosub
LAUPS Photo Competition
NCUPS 50th Anniversary competition
Raja Ampat Protected areas
Beneath the Sea 2008
SanDisk World of Underwater Images
Visions in the Sea 2007
2008 Photo workshop with Mauricio Handler
Divesafari Santorini
Philippines Digital workshop with Aw, Meur and O'Brien

New Products
Amphibico EVO HD
Ikelite Canon HV-20 video housing
Epoque UR-Pro filter
Advanced Guide for Digital Underwater Photography
Aquatica Nikon D40 housing
Fantasea S200 & S500 housings
Sealux universal video housing UNM190
Keldan Solaris video light
Sea & Sea DX-1G compact and housing
Sea & Sea YS-250PRO strobe
ReefPhoto Subal dome port cover
10 Bar filters
Fantasea FL-12

Can you choose a compact camera intelligently? by Michael Wicks
The perfect system by Don Silcock

BSoUP Splash In
Layang Layang Shootout
Puerto Galera Photo Fest

Fish photography in Belize with Gearoid Lane

Photo Techniques
Adventures with a Wratten 22 by Paul R. Carre
Abstract attractions by Mark Webster
Filter Photography by Alex Mustard

Book review
An Advanced Guide to Digital Underwater Photography
by Michael Aw with Mathieu Meur

Parting Shot 1 by Brian Mayes
Parting Shot 2 by Ralph Mortimore
Parting Shot 3 by Tobias Bernhard


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UwP37 — Jul/Aug 2007, 52 pages.

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News, Travel & Events
Guadalupe Photography Workshop with Charles Hood
Wild Photos 2007
Antibes Film Festival
Asian Diver’s Ocean Odyssey Digital Shoot Out
DivePhotoGuide Wakatobi Photo and Video Festival
Southern Humpback whales with Douglas Hoffman
Optiquatics North Sulawesi Photo Trip
Andaman Islands with Barefoot Traveller
Ocean Geographic magazine
Turks & Caicos UW Photo Competition
Fathoms Expedition Solomon Islands
MV Kawarty Photo Workshop with JP Trenque and Jane Morgan
Whale shark & Manta Photo Safari with Ocean Optics
New Sharm Hammerhead trip
Solomons with Fred Dion

New products
Ikelite Nikon L11 USA package
Fantasea Nikon FP-5000 housing
Sea & Sea YS-27DX strobe
Heinrichsweikamp Sony TTL converter
Seatool housings
Hugyfot port adaptors
INON Olympus PT-037 accessories
Nekton broadcast video housings
Sealux HX7 housing for Sony HVR-V1
Nexus Canon EOS 5D housing
Olympus PT-039 housing
Olympus UFL-1 slave flash

Product reviews
10Bar Ultra compact focus light by Jeff Mullins
Tokina 10-17mm by Alex Mustard

Bonin Islands, Japan by Tim Rock
Bonaire Digital Shoot Out
CMAS 11th World Championships by Mathieu Meur and Gerald Rambert
Temperate temptations by Mark Webster

Photo Competitions
Under the Blue results

2 Parting Shots by Stan de la Cruz and Andi Voeltz


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UwP36 — May/Jun 2007, 52 pages.

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News, travel & Events

Galapagos with Jason & Wendy Heller and Michael Field
Up and coming underwater photo competitions
Digital Summer Camp with www.fisheyephoto.com
International Kemer Underwater Days, Turkey
Celebrate the Sea, Sept 07, Manila
BsoUP Splash-In Championship
Marine Wildlife Photo Agency
Sex on the Reefs with Emperor Divers
Dominica Dive Fest July 07
Muck, macro & wall with Tony White
Island Sun Splash ’07
Komodo with Mauricio Handler Oct 08
Socorro with Cheng and Mustard Feb 08
Underwater Competition/Scuba Show competition
SanDisk Red Sea Nov 07
OWUSS Australia

New Products

SeaLife ECOshot SL321
ReefMaster Mini SL320
Ikelite Sony HDR HC-5
Ikelite iTTL adaptor
Aquatica with Ikelite TTL connectors
Patima D80 housing
Amphibico HD monitor
Ultralight buoyancy arms
Heinrichs Weikamp Mark II TTL housing

Product reviews

Subal ND80 by Peter Rowlands
Aquatica D200 by Tim Rock
Seacam D200 by Pete Atkinson


Bali High with Mark Webster

Photo techniques

Mid range zooms by Alex Mustard
Domes by Pete Atkinson

Marine life

Whale carcasses by Mario Lebrato

Parting Shot by Rob Harcourt


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UwP35 — Mar/Apr 2007, 52 pages.

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News, Travel & Events

New York Underwater Photo Society
Dive Photo Guide competitions
Bahama sharks with Eric Cheng
Truk with Martin Edge
Emerald Seas Best Cover Design
Dominica recompression chamber
The Underwater Channel
Underwater Artists with Michael Aw in Bali
Layang Layang digital photo shootout 2007
Beneath the Sea 2007 with Stan Waterman
Cocos & Malpelo with Amos Nacoum
Wyland’s Key Largo mural
Olympus sponsor British Underwater Image Festival 2007
Turtle Week in Bali
Japanese dolphin slaughter continues

New products

Subal ND80 housing for Nikon D80
Light & Motion HC3 housing
Sealux GV150 viewfinder
Aquatica glass macro port
Gates EM43 video monitor
Fantasea Coolpix S9
Sealux WML 3.6” remote monitor
Sea & Sea YS110 strobe
Aquatica megadome
Olympus PT-036, 037 & 038 housings
Amphibico EVO HD SE 7 video housing
Nexus Tokina 10-17mm port
Ultralight TR-IK tray
Ultralight’s new buoyancy arms
Heinrichsweikamp TTL converter Mk11
Ocean Life from A to Z Book and DVD by Annie Crawley

Photo techniques

Underwatercompetition.com winning images
Macro wideangle by Alex Mustard

Marine life

Great whites by Aengus Moran
Green as grass by Mark Webster


Mauritius with Gerald Rambert
Andros with Tim Ingmire


Climate change by Mario Lebrato
Carbon neutral by Alex Mustard

Parting shot by Dan Bolt


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UwP34 — Jan/Feb 2007, 46 pages.

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NCUPS Berkley White photo seminar weekend
Dive in to Earth Day
DivePhotoGuide Photo & Video Competitions
Light & Water seminar, Southampton
Cocos & Malpelo with Dr Sylvia Earle, Dr Kathryn Sullivan and Amos Nachoum
Wetpixel photo trip on MV Bilikiki
Revolution in online photo galleries
2007 Bimini Shark Encounter
Divester/Wetpixel T shirts
NCUPS Seminar with Kawika Chetron
Sea Shepherd Operation Leviathan

New productsIkelite Canon HV10
Sony HVR-V1N
Sealife DC600
Sea & Sea 860G
Gates tripod
Sealux HDX200
Canon WP-DC7
INON X-2 Canon EOS 10D, 20D, 30D housing
Aquatica Aqua View viewfinder

Equipment reviewsIkelite Nikon D80 review by Dave Harasti and Peter Rowlands

Photo techniquesShooting below decks by Joseph C. Dovala
TTL in 2007 by Alexander Mustard

LocationsFak Fak, Beyond Raja Ampat by Peter Rowlands
São Tomé and Príncipe by Luiz Rocha

Parting shot
Michael Collins


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UwP33 — Nov/Dec 2006, 51 pages.

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DivePhotoGuide survey
British Underwater Images festival 2007
Galapagos with Mauricio Handler
Images from the Sea by Rodger Klein
SeaShepherd Operation Leviathan

New Products
Ikelite Nikon D80
Olympus E-400 and PT-E03 housing
EWA Marine U-XBP and XBP100 housings
Tokina 10-17mm fisheye zoom
Aquatica EOS30D housing
Sea & Sea Nikon D80 housing
Nexus Nikon D80 housing
Digideep fashion

Product reviews
Nikon 105mm VR lens by Alex Mustard
GreenWater Magic filters by Peter Rowlands

Underwater Photographer profile
The Elephant Man - Steve Bloom by Peter Rowlands

Beneath North SulaweSea by Michael Aw

Blue Water photography by Tim Rock

Marine Life
Hunky Dory by Mark Webster

Underwater Photo Competitions
Shell Wildlife 2006 by Alex Mustard
Antibes 2006 by Alex Mustard

Book reviews
Water Vision by Marco Zanni
Beneath North SulaweSea by Michael Aw
Cool Waters, Emerald Seas by John Collins
Terra & Agua by Marcelo Krause
Coral Reefs by Walter and Jean Deas

Parting Shot
Peter Johansson


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UwP32 — Sept/Oct 2006, 48 pages.

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EcoDivers Dive guides
Dominica Hyperbaric chamber
Explore Cuba with Gavin Parsons
Beograd Film Festival
Beneath the Sea 2007
Linda Pitkin's exhibition
Graham Hawkes NCUPS presentation
NELOS Festival
FotoSub Isla de El Hierro
Oceans Expo 2006
Visions in the Sea 2006
Toyota sponsors the Blue Army in Iceland

New products
Ikelite E-330 Olympus housing
Light & Motion Totan D200 housing
Gates Canon XL H1 housing
Nikon D80 DSLR
Nexus Nikon D200 housing
Auto-Magic colour filter
Technical Lighting Control
URPRO green water filter
Olympus PT-034 housing for Mju 740/750 cameras
Epoque EHS-510H housing

Product reviews
Subal housing for Nikon D200 by Mark Webster

Bikini Atoll by Tim Priest
Manta Foto Fest by James Michael

Tips & Techniques
Composites by Alex Mustard
Low viz photography by Mathieu Meur

Marine life
Whaleshark diving in Belize by Martin Spragg

Book review - A Divers Guide to Reef Life
by Andrea and Antonella Ferrari
Parting shot by Simon Brown


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UwP31 — July/Aug 2006, 53 pages.

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EcoDivers Uw Photo seminars
Santa Barbara Film Festival
Mauricio Handler Sipadan course
Adventure2o Papua & Togian trips
Wetpixel/DiveFilm podcasts

New products
Ikelite DS51 substrobe
Cameras Underwater Sealife distributor
Light & Motion $1000 offer
HC3 Gates housings
Ricoh Caplio 500G

Product reviews
Panasonic DMC-TZ1 & DMW-MCTZ1
Olympus Mju720 & PT-033 by Peter Rowlands
Olympus E330/10Bar by Jeff Mullins
Sea&Sea DX-D200 by JP Trenque

Tips & Techniques
Getting the blues by Alex Mustard
Photo Pro life by Troy Mayne
1st dive guide workshop by Nonoy Tan
Digi Techniques workshop by Alex Mustard
A models woe

Marine life
Gt White tagging

BSoUP Splash In
Book/DVD reviews
Parting shot by Tim Priest


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UwP30 — May/Jun 2006, 64 pages.

Click to show or hide issue contents

Dive into adventure Bonaire
Dive Fest key Largo
Cayman Digital Madness
Rod Klein workshops
Maria Munn digital courses
California Beach Dive Competition
BSoUP Splash In
New Eco Divers boats
Peter Scoones evening
Andaman Sea with Mark Strikland
Emperor Penguins with Amos Nachoum
PADI Digital u/w photography course
Seaplane Dive Adventures
Mark Webster Lembeh Workshop

New products

Ikelite Substrobe DS-200
Nikon VR 105mm micro
INON D-240 strobe
10 Bar Olympus E330 housing
Amphibico Sony HC3 housing
Fathom DVD
Nexus Nikon D200
Ultralight AC-NB spotting light adaptor
ADEX report by Eric Cheng

Product reviews
Sealux D200 by Colin Gans
Subal D200 by Peter Rowlands

Photographer interview
Martin Edge - Author of The Underwater Photographer

NE Bali by Mathieu Meur

Marine life
Sea Trees by Rudolf Svensen

Deep wrecks by Leigh Bishop
Muck and Macro by Mark Webster
Moving sharks by Alexander Mustard
Mauritius Photo Competition

Book reviews -
The Underwater Photographer, Diving the World

Parting shot - Strange digital exposure by Martin Edge


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UwP29 — Mar/Apr 2006, 56 pages.

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Antibes Film Festival 2006
Flash renamer
Hawaii Photoquest with Martin Edge
Layang Layang U/w digital Shootout
Mike Veitch & Tim Rock workshops
Rod Klein Digital Workshops on Nai’a

New products

Ikelite Nikon D200
Subal ND20 for Nikon D200
Equinox Panasonic HVX200Pro
Sigma/Nikon D200 problem
Epoque EHS-ST9 for Sony DSC-T9
Gates SWP44 port
Fantasea F350D
INON 28AD mount base
Olympus E-330
Olympus housings CWPC-02 and 03

Bali Turtle appeal by Kurt Amsler

Making an IMAX Deep Sea 3D with Howard Hall

Guadalupe Gt White Sharks by Keith Flood
Whale tales by Gregory Sweeney
The Red Sea by Mark Webster

Marine life
Andalusian freshwater life by Jose Antonio Rodriguez

Truly compact by Alex Mustard and Veruschka Matchett
Wetpixel Photo Competition winners

Photographer interview
The Art of Diving - UwP interviews Alexander Mustard

Book reviews -
The Art of Diving, IMAX Deep Sea 3D & Reef, Wreck & Critter

Parting shots - Dolphin in driftnet by Peter Rowlands


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UwP28 — Jan/Feb 2006, 45 pages.

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Ikelite HDR HC-1
Patima Canon EOS 350D
Backscatter 360ND
INON D-2000-W
Fantasea FD-50
Ikelite 8" dome
Sea & Sea HDR HC-1
Olympus PT-030 & 031

Full reviews of:
Olympus E-300 by Charles Hood
Little miracles by Peter Rowlands
Compact v DSLR by Peter Rowlands
D100 retrospective by Don Silcock
DSLR TTL by Matthias Heinrichs

Shooting fish by Alex Mustard

Sea Shepherd whale campaign Antarctica

Marine life
Manatees by Gregory Sweeney

Nudibranchs of Palau by Ethan Daniels

Book reviews
Manatees - Gentle giants

Parting shot by Jeff Mullins


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UwP27 — Nov/Dec 2005, 56 pages.

Click to show or hide issue contents

Ikelite Canon G6,
Gates HC1/A1U,
Nikon D200,
Fisheye HG20DX,
UK-D-E300 for Olympus E-300,
Sealux HD1 video,
Heinrichsweikamp Olympus adaptor,
Watershot Canon 350D,
Wetpixel DEMA and HD video report

Full reviews of:
Aquatica Nikon D2x by Charles Hood
Nexus Nikon D2x by Ken Knezick
Magic filter test by Mike Veitch
Upgrading to DSLR by Aengus Moran

Digital workflow by Paul Kay, James Wiseman, Alex Mustard, David Nardini and Mark Webster
Finding macro by Cor Bosman

Cocos Keeling by Beth Tierney

Marine life
Sealions by Jeremy Cuff
Digital UK life by Mark Webster

Book reviews
Planète MERS by Laurent Ballesta & Pierre Descamp,
Master Guide for Underwater Photography by Jack & Sue Drafahl
Digital Imaging for the Underwater Photographer by Jack & Sue Drafahl
Spring Into Digital Photography by Joseph T. Jaynes & Rip Noël
La photo numerique sous-marine - Guide expert by Isabelle et Amar Guillen

Parting shot by Peter Rowlands


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UwP26 — Sept/Oct 2005, 60 pages.

Click to show or hide issue contents

Ikelite Olympus E300 TTL
Aquatica D2x
Patima/Epoque Olympus 7070
Patima 35w HID light
Bluefin HC1 video housing
Fantasea Nikon 8700, 5700 & 8800 housings
Ultralight arms on Ikelite housings

Full reviews of
Nexus Nikon D2x by Peter Rowlands

Zena Holloway by Peter Rowlands

Catchin’ the rays 2 by Alex Mustard
Behind Magic filters by Alex Mustard
Tales of a digital virgin by Mark Webster

Alex Mustard's Red Sea Digital Techniques Workshop
Dive Svalbard by E. Crone de Brabander
2005 Yap Critter Hunt by James Michael
Digital Liveaboard diving by Rod Klein

Marine life
Minke whales by Rod Klein
Tigers of Africa by Tobi Bernhard

Book reviews
Sea Salt - Stan Waterman bio Peter Rowlands

Parting shot
Mark Webster


Add UwP25 to cart

UwP25 — July/Aug 2005, 50 pages.

Click to show or hide issue contents

Ikelite iTTL Nikon
Sea & Sea 8000G
Sony HDR-HC1
Fantasea SB800

Full reviews of
Ikelite/Nikon 8400 by Dave Harasti
Aquatica Canon 20D by Tim Rock

Chris Crumley by Angus Haynes
CTS winner Wyatt Chew

Marine life
Anti Sharkfin campaign by Aaron Wong

Catchin’ the rays by Alex Mustard
Panorama update by Peter Rowlands
Time front cover by Charles Hood
Condensation by Peter Rowlands

Book reviews by JP Trenque & Peter Rowlands

Parting shots by Colin Robson


Add UwP24 to cart

UwP24 — May/June 2005, 60 pages.

Click to show or hide issue contents

Ikelite Fuji F-810
Nexus Nikon D2x
Epoque EHS-400X
Fantasea Nikon CP-6 & 7
Gates Sony FX1/Z1
Sea & Sea VX-FX1

Full reviews of
Seacam Fuji S2 one year on by Paul Kay
Olympus mini Digital and 3 m housing by Peter Rowlands
UR Pro SWCY filters by Alex Mustard

Location report
Iceland - amazing fresh water dives by Peter Rowlands

Panoramas - a new way to go even wider by Peter Rowlands
Digital techniques - new capabilities of digital cameras by Alex Mustard
Macro lighting - simple ways to get pro results by Aaron Wong

Marine life
Cuttlefish by Mark Webster

Parting shot
Split level by Rob Galkoff


Add UwP23 to cart

UwP23 — Mar/Apr 2005, 60 pages.

Click to show or hide issue contents

Ikelite housing for Nikon Coolpix 4800
Light & Motion Blufin FX1 video housing
Fantasea housing system for Nikon D70
Subtronic Mini Digital strobe
Amphibico Phenom FXZ1 video housing
Subal housing for Canon 20D
Sigma 10-20mm zoom lens
Aqualung Mistral twin hose regulator
Nexus digital glass ports
Sea & Sea YS-15Auto strobe

In Depth Reviews
Nikon D2x camera and Subal ND2 by Alex Mustard
Switching Nikon to Canon DSLR by James Wiseman
INON D2000 S-TTL system by Alex Mustard

Featured photographer
Pete Saloutos and his amazing model shots

Travel and locations
Palau - The real deal by Tim Rock
Lough diving in Connemara, Ireland by Jerome Hingrat

Photo techniques
Fisheye muck diving shots by Will Postlethwaite

Marine life
Do Gt White sharks think? by Charles Hood

Book reviews
The Essential Underwater Photo manual by Pat Morrissey

Parting shot
Simon Brown’s daughter takes a perfect portrait!


Add UwP22 to cart

UwP22 — Jan/Feb 2005, 55 pages.

Click to show or hide issue contents
INON D-2000 digital strobe
Jonah 20D housing for the Canon 20D
Sony HVR-Z1E high definition video
Gates EM419 External Color Monitor
Sea & Sea LX-15 video light
SEALUX housing for Sony VX2100 and PD170
FD-70 Housing for Nikon D-70
Nexus Nikon D70

Equipment reviews
The Ikelite/Olympus C5050 by Matt Segal

Featured photographer
Libor Spacek by Sabina Casarova

Locations/Marine life by Jason Heller
Yap's Critter Hunt by Tim Rock
Tasik Ria & Kungkungan Bay by Peter Rowlands
Capturing Images of Nudibranch Behavior by Nonoy Tan

Photokit Color by Alexander Mustard

The Art of Shooting Blue by Ethan Daniels

Add UwP21 to cart

UwP21 — Oct/Nov 2004, 62 pages.

Click to show or hide issue contents
Ikelite Sony DSC-F828
UN Olympus LCD Magnifier
Sea & Sea DX-5000G Camera and Housing
Ocean Brite Jonah/Canon package
Fantasea LED lights

Equipment reviews
Subal ND70 housing/Nikon D70 by Peter Rowlands
The SONY DSC-F828 / Ikelite housing by Michael AW
Subtronic Mini TTL review by Mark Webster
INON UFL 165AD lens by Peter Rowlands

Featured photographer
20 Questions with Wyland by Mike Veitch
Another Day at The Office! by Paul Ives

Fifty Fathoms Below by Joseph C Dovola
Nemo lighting by Alex Mustard
Digital TTL by Jean-Sebastien Morisset

Locations/Marine life
The Devils playground by Anthony Grote

Parting shot by Alan Cryer

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UwP20 — Aug/Sept 2004, 56 pages.

Click to show or hide issue contents
Ikelite Olympus C-8080 housing
UFL-165AD Underwater Fisheye Conversion Lens
Nikon housing WPCP1 for Coolpix 2200 and 3200
Nikon housing WPCP2 for Coolpix 5200 and 4200
Fantasea CP-5 and Nexus Nikon D70

Equipment reviews
Nikon D70 & the Ikelite housing by Will Postlethwaite
Ultralight's Multi Battery Tester by Tony Matheis
Flashtrax multimedia by Peter Rowlands
Fuji F710 and WP-FX701 housing by Peter Rowlands

Featured photographer
Breathhold Subjects by Phillip Colla

Locations/Marine life
The Underwater Paradise of Cabilao by Nonoy Tan
Turks & Caicos by Bernardo Sambra

Telephoto by Alexander Mustard

Book reviews
A diver's guide to Underwater Malaysia Macrolife
An Essential Guide to Digital Photography

Parting shot by Tony Sutton

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UwP19 — June/July 2004, 57 pages.

Click to show or hide issue contents
Ikelite Canon 10-D Digital SLR Housing
ULCS Multi-Battery tester
Fantasea CP-3.7 Housing for Coolpix 3700
Subal C1S housing for the Canon EOS-1DS
Subal CG5 housing for Canon PowerShot G5
Gates Sony VX2100/PD170 housing
L&M Tetra 5060

Locations/Marine life
Fiji's Soft Coral Paradise by Jeff Mullins
Concern in the Galapagos A report from Sea Shepherd

Remotely Operated Photography
by Alexander Mustard and Daniel Jones
"Look Mum! No bubbles" by Sascha Schulz

Back to Basics by Alex Mustard and Giles Shaxted
Correcting lenses for underwater use by Peter Scoones and Peter Rowlands
Digital SLR by Peter Rowlands

Parting shot by Peter Rowlands

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UwP18 — Apr/May 2004, 61 pages.

Click to show or hide issue contents
Ikelite Olympus C- 5060 housing
Fantasea CP-3N housing for Nikon Coolpix 3200 and 2200
Jonah Canon EOS 10D housing
Ikelite Nikon D-70 housing
Gates PC330 / PC300 Housing
Amphibico DVD camcorder special rental unit

Equipment reviews
FinePix F700 & WP-FX700 housing by Charles Hood
Top Dawg Mini/StingRay 111 Sport review by Peter Rowlands

Locations/Marine life
Roatan with Bruce Dickson
Mokarran The Great Hammerhead by Charles Hood
Lumpsucksers are Handsome! by Mark Webster

Featured photographer
Jessica Taylor by Jessica Taylor

No Cost Options for Improvement by Deb Fugitt
Open up your macro photography by Alexander Mustard
The Calypsophot by Steve Warren
A beginners guide to digital by Peter Rowlands
Underwater Photographer's Code of Conduct

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UwP17 — Feb/Mar 2004, 61 pages.

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Ikelite EOS-300D Housing
New Ultralight adaptor
Fantasea CP-3 Nikon Coolpix 3100 housing
Subal C30 housing for Canon EOS 300D
Nikon WP-CP1
Gates High definition HD-1 video housing
Light & Motion Mako video housing
SUBAL C10 housing for Canon EOS 10D Inon X-2

Equipment reviews
Olympus 5060 & PT-020 by Peter Rowlands
Seacam S2 Housing Review by James Wiseman

Featured photographer
Doug Perrine by Simon Brown

Locations/Marine life
Taiji Dolphin Campaign
Komodo in the Raw with Mark Webster
Minahasa Lagoon, Manado with Peter Rowlands

Best behaviour by Alexander Mustard
The great digital debate by Will Postlethwaite
Back to Basics Artificial light by Peter Rowlands

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UwP16 — Dec/Jan 2003/4, 50 pages.

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JVC HD-1 and HD-10 Digital Video Housing
OLYMPUS CAMEDIA C-5060wz and PT-020 Housing
Nikon D70 - sub $1000 digital SLR

Equipment reviews
Light & Motion Titan D100 by Roger Klein

Featured photographer
Making Pictures v taking them (Pt 2) by Amos Nachoum

Locations/Marine life
Galapagos A megapixel evolution by Michael Aw
Scorpion Fish by Mark Webster

Happy holidays.The reality of digital by Alexander Mustard
The Nudibranchs and flatworms of Ligpo Island by Nonoy Tan
Moment of Truth by John Belchamber
Back to Basics Why is it different? by Peter Rowlands

Book reviews
Reef Fish Identification TROPICAL PACIFIC
Underwater Photography by Paul Kay
Out of the blue by Colin Bateman
A guide to underwater video by John Boyle
FishFace by David Doubilet

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UwP15 — Oct/Nov 2003, 56 pages.

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Sea & Sea DX-3100 amphibious digital camera
Light & Motion Stingray III
Ikelite aluminium back for Nikon D-100 and Fuji S2
Fantasea CP-3 Housing
Ultralight digital
Subal Housing For Fuji S2 Pro

Equipment reviews
Jonah ND- 100 by Craig Jones and James Wiseman

Featured photographer
Making pictures versus taking them by Amos Nachoum

Locations/Marine life
Bali -A photographers guide by Demelza Postlethwaite
Macro in Palau's Muck by Ethan Daniels

Diving etiquette for photographers by Beth and Shaun Tierney
Agfa Scala A great film for available light monochrome.
by John Collins

Back to Basics Wide angle photography by Peter Rowlands

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UwP14 — Aug/Sept 2003, 57 pages.

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Ikelite Housing for Nikon Coolpix 2100 &3100
AF DX Fisheye Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8G ED
Sea & Sea Motor Marine III
Inon Z180 strobe

Equipment reviews
Aquatica Fuji S2 Housing Review by James Wiseman
Light & Motion Tetra 5050 and ROC lighting control
Olympus 5050 system by Peter Rowlands

Locations/Marine life
Papua New Guinea by Don Silcock
Raja Empat - the New Nirvana by Will Postlethwaite
Bamboo Nights by Tony Wu

Is Digital the Death of the Double Exposure?
by Mark Webster
Filter fulfilment 2 by Alexander Mustard
Back to Basics Close ups by Peter Rowlands

Book and DVD reviews
Irian diving by Craig Andreiko
Beneath Southern Seas by Coral Sea Television
100 best dives in Cornwall by Charles Hood

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UwP13 — Jun/Jul 2003, 56 pages.

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Ikelite/JVC video package
Jonah housings in the USA
Inon 67 adaptor for Canon digital housings
Subal D60 housing for Canon EOS D60 / EOS D30 Digital
Subal SN80-D housing
Ultralight digital pivot tray

Equipment reviews
Shedding light on the D100 by Alexander Mustard

Locations/Marine life
Bonaire's Diving Freedom by Mark Webster
Cold as ice by Tom Wilson
Swimming with Giants by Scott Portelli
The sharks of Darwin Island by Jonathan Bird

Schooling Fish with Martin Edge
Back to Basics Focus and exposure by Peter Rowlands

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UwP12 — Apr/May 2003, 58 pages.

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Nexus housing for Nikon D100
Nexus Wet Lens fits UK Coolpix 5000 housing
Ocean Brite digital lights
Sea & Sea DX D100 camera housing by Charles Hood

Featured photographer
Zena Holloway - a limited edition

Travel/Marine life
Dive Dominica by Peter Rowlands
GUINJATA BAY by Will and Demelza Postlethwaite
Whale rescue by Alberto Romeo
The search for Red Blenny by Paul Kay
Basking Shark Photo-identification by Martin How, The Shark Trust
Addictive Frog Fish by Mark Webster
Building an Effective Macro System by Craig A. Vitter

Book reviews
Journey under the sea by Linda Pitkin
Great British Marine Animals by Paul Naylor

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UwP11 — Feb/Mar 2003, 70 pages.

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Light & Motion Titan D100 housing
Sea & Sea DX5000 Housing for the Nikon CoolPix 5000
New Lenses For Olympus PT Series
Ikelite housing for Olympus C-50
Nexus D100 housings
Fantasea CP-4 housing for Nikon Coolpix 4300 and 885
DX Zoom-Nikkor 12-24mm

Equipment reviews
First impressions of the Nikon D100 underwater in a Subal D10 by Alexander Mustard

Filter fulfilment by Peter Rowlands
Flash of Inspiration by Mark Webster
Turning into Voyeurs! byBeth Tierney
Aquarium Photography by Jurgen Brauer

Locations/Marine life
Why St. Vincent? by Deb Fugitt
Cornish Jewels by Mark Webster
What a Croc by Kelvin Aitken

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UwP10 — Dec/Jan 2002/3, 60 pages.

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  • Gates TRV950 / TRV940 / PDX10 Housings
  • Remote Optical Controller (ROC) from Light & Motion
  • Ikelite housing for SONY TRV-950, PDX-10

Equipment reviews

  • NIKKOR 18-35mm LENS by Neil Vincent
  • Light & Motion Tetra 5000 housing review by M. Westermeier

Locations/Marine life

  • The Jervis Bay Shoot-out 2002 by Nigel Motyer.
  • Loloata Island PNG by Andy & Angela Heath
  • Octopus and Cuttle Fish by Mark Webster

Featured photographer

  • The rough side of commercial underwater photography! by Paul Kay


  • Model Behaviour by Alexander Mustard and Kathryn Westaway
  • Cave diving photography by Neil Vincent

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UwP9 — Oct/Nov 2002, 64 pages.

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  • Subal D10 housing for Nikon D100 DSLR
  • Subal wide angle port for CP5 Coolpix 5000 housing
  • Kodak DCS Pro 14n full frame Digital 35mm SLR
  • Gates Sony F707 housing
  • Aquatica A5000 for Coolpix
  • Sea & Sea housings for Nikon D100 and Canon D60/D30
  • Ikelite Fuji S2 housing

Locations/Marine life

  • A Whale of a time with Tony Wu
  • Nai'a - the ultimate Live Aboard? by Pete Atkinson
  • Everybody, Please meet Henry.by Andy & Angela Heath
  • Shooting Scilly Seals by Demelza and Will Postlethwaite

Featured photographer

  • Trials of an underwater photojournalist by Jack Jackson


  • Lights and divers by Martin Edge
  • Macro shooting made easy by Ee wan Khoo
  • In Praise of British Fish by Mark Webster
  • Photographing the Wreck of the Vrouw Maria by Jukka Nurminen with Alexander Mustard

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UwP8 — Aug/Sept 2002, 58 pages.

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  • Sea & Sea VX-PC120
  • Light & Motion Titan

Equipment reviews

  • Subal CP5 housing for Nikon Coolpix 5000 by Peter Rowlands


  • Running of the Bulls with Pete Atkinson
  • The Palau experience by Bernardo Sambra
  • Bali's Offshore Islands by Jeff Mullins
  • Baitball by John Collins
  • Magical Manatees by John Bobel


  • The PLACEBO Principle of Underwater Photography by Des Paroz
  • Dark Thoughts by Mark Webster
  • How well do you know your flashgun? by Alexander Mustard

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UwP7 — June/July 2002, 50 pages.

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  • Inon Z-220New Miniature Strobe
  • Sealife Reefmaster DC200


  • Digital Imaging for the Underwater Photographer:
  • An underwater guide to Indonesia by Charles Anderson

Featured photographer

  • Kim Westerskov by Ross Armstrong


  • Bonaire - a unique underwater studio by Linda Dunk


  • Towards a Fellowship by Anne Owen FRPS
  • Kurt Amsler photo course by Andrew Bell
  • Bubbles by Will & Demelza Posslethwaite
  • Photographing the spawning of whitebelly damselfish.
  • by Alexander Mustard
  • My way with monochrome by Morris Gregory
  • The Novice Digital Photographer by Jurgen and Anne Brauer
  • Starting simply by Sue Hall

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UwP6 — Apr/May 2002, 48 pages.

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  • Betacam housings from Peter Scoones, Underwater Visual Systems
  • Gates Diego Housing For Canon XL1
  • Sea & Sea MX-5II


  • El Hierro The Quiet Canary by John Collins.
  • Secret Bay by Demelza & Will Postlethwaite
  • Lembeh Strait by Constantinos Petrinos
  • Manad Report by Mark Webster


  • Environmentally friendly photography by Alex Mustard
  • Hitchhikers on the Reef by Steve Norvich
  • Gone fishing with Mark Webster
  • Infrared Films Underwater by Mark Mumford
  • A beginners tale by Gilbert Park
  • O ring maintenance by Peter Rowlands

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UwP5 — Feb 2002, 48 pages.

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  • Tetra Pivot from Ultralight
  • Light & Motion Olympus E-10/20n housing
  • Sea & Sea NX-80 housing

Locations/Marine life

  • Save the Bali turtles by Kurt Amsler
  • Muck diving by Mark Webster
  • Komodo with Ross & Diane Armstrong

Featured photographer

  • Tony White BSoUP Open Portfolio winner
  • YUP photographers by Alex Mustard


  • Wide angle zooms by Alex Mustard & Peter Scoones
  • Composition by Mark Webster
  • Pan, zoom & rear curtain sync by Tony White
  • New eyes by Demelza Postlethwaite
  • Fluorescence photography by Peter Horsley
  • Buying a used Nikonos V by Peter Rowlands

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UwP4 — Jan 2002, 56 pages.

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  • Sea&Sea YS-90DX
  • Ikleite Substrobe 125
  • Ikelite Olympus 2040/3000 housing
  • Amphibico 10 video light
  • Sealux housing for Nikon Coolpix 990
  • UK housing for Canon EOS D30 DSLR
  • Sea & Sea Quad ports from Ocean Optics

Featured photographer

  • Andy Belcher by Ross Armstrong


  • South African Gt Whites by Nigel Motyer
  • Walkers Key with Pete Horsley
  • Sudan with Len Deeley

Techniques/marine life

  • Anemone fish by Mikayo Langhofer
  • Basking sharks by Mark Webster
  • Available darkness by Pat Morrissey
  • Modelling underwater by Mark Webster
  • Fear of failure by Martin Edge
  • Reef hooks by Will & Demelza Postlethwaite
  • Buying a secondhand Nikonos 111 by Peter Rowlands

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UwP3 — Dec 2001, 52 pages.

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New Products

  • Reefmaster digital combo
  • Light & Motion Tetra for Olympus C-4040
  • Olympus C-40z and housing
  • UWA100 Ultra wdie angle lens
  • Ikelite Nikon Coolpix 995 housing
  • Gates External Monitor package
  • Sea & Sea VX-2000 PRO
  • Subal 70-180 macro zoom port

Featured photographers

  • Tobias Bernhard BG Wildlife winner 2001 by Pete Atkinson
  • Candice - a bold new talent by Sarah Jackson


  • Southern Red Sea with Mark Webster
  • Derawan with Morris Gregory
  • Guernsey with Steve & Jenny Powell
  • San Simeon seals with Edwin Marcow


  • Coral spawning by Alan Graham
  • Snorkeling by Alex Mustard
  • Wreck photography by Mark Webster
  • Nikonos survival guide by Peter Rowlands
  • Warren's word - Backing up for safety

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UwP2 — Oct/Nov 2001, 42 pages.

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  • Olympus C-1 and PT-008 housing
  • Olympus PT-005 housing for Camedia 2020, 2030
  • Subal Z22 ring flash port
  • Electronic leak detector

Equipment reviews

  • Subal Nikon F80 housing
  • Large format Hasselblad by Alex Mustard


  • Ring flash by Mark Webster
  • Extreme macro by Tony White
  • Balanced light by Mark Webster
  • Shooting wide angle by Steve Norvich
  • Solving Nikonos V TTL problems by Peter Rowlands
  • How pros shoot by Will Postlethwaite


  • Cayman Islands by Paul Ives
  • Lost fleet of the Rock Islands by Tim Rock

Book review

  • Realm of the Pygmy seahorse by Anne Owen

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UwP1 — Aug 2001, 36 pages.

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  • Nexus Wet lenses
  • Inon Z22 Ring flash

Featured photographer

  • Julian Calverley's computer magic


  • Spilt level photography by Claire Cox
  • Zoom blurring by Alex Mustard
  • Pushing and pulling film by Charles Hood
  • Pool practice by Pat Morrissey
  • Tips for better macro by Steven Norvich
  • Beginners luck by Mark Mumford


  • Lembeh Strait with Anne Owen

Equipment reviews

  • Olympus C-960 & housing and Nikon Coolpix 990 in UK housing
  • Dome ports by Paul Kay
  • Nikonos V - The legend by Peter Rowlands