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UwP Editor Peter Rowlands
UwP Editor Peter Rowlands

Have you learnt something invaluable by reading UwP?

Have you saved a lot of time benefitting for the experience of UwP contributors?

Or do you simply just enjoy UwP and want to help it continue?

The answer is to make a donation and help UwP continue to provide you with informative, well illustrated articles.

Help keep it free with a donation which will go to the contributors of each issue

You may not know this but none of the UwP contributors get paid. They provide their articles, photo talent and experience in support of the cause of UwP which aims to keep the magazine free for anyone to download.

I've been involved in underwater photography for a long time and I see UwP as my way of putting something back into the hobby I find so absorbing.

In order to renumerate contributors and encourage even better articles for UwP I would like you to consider making a small donation per issue or even consider a larger donation on an annual basis. Donations are all handled in total security through PayPal and you can also pay securely by credit card using the PayPal links.

Your donations will be distributed to the contributors of each issue on a pro rata basis i.e. the more pages they contribute, the more their percentage.

When deciding how much you want to donate please bear in mind that PayPal's comission charge for amounts smaller than £3 or $6 can be as high as 24%!! Whilst I accept that PayPal is absolutely brilliant and safe, I don't want this to become a 'Donate a lot to PayPal'!

Thank you for your generousity and support.

Best wishes
Peter Rowlands
Underwater Photography Magazine

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