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UwP94 cover


Jan/Feb 2017 · 69 pages

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  • Trident OpenROV
  • Jack Perks’ book
  • Envy

News Travel & Events

  • American Crocodiles at Banco Chinchorro
  • Digital Shootout in Bonaire
  • Manta Fest 2017
  • Great Hammerheads, Tiger Sharks & Dolphins
  • Jason deCaires Taylor’s Underwater Sculptures
  • Moorea Ocean Adventures
  • Scuba Videos
  • Solitary Islands, NSW
  • Gerald Rambert workshop in Raja Ampat

New Products

  • Nauticam NA-H4D Hasselblad H4D/H3D systems
  • This is iBubble
  • Ikelite Vacuum Kit for 3/8 Inch Holes
  • 360Abyss™ v4
  • Fantasea Housing For Sony RX100 V
  • MPAC Dive
  • Two new upgraded Keldan lights
  • BS Kinetics universal video housing
  • Sea & Sea MDX-5D Mark IV for Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
  • Aquatica Canon 5DMk IV housing
  • Ikelite 200FL TTL Housing for Nikon D3300, D3400 DSLR Cameras
  • Introducing Bonex Scooters & DPVs
  • Orcatorch Dive Lights
  • Backscatter Flip 5
  • Acquapazza housing for the Sigma sd Quattro and sd Quattro H
  • Weefine ring light
  • SAGA Trio lens
  • Supernova video light
  • Dive Galapagos 2nd Edition
  • Deadly Oceans
  • Underwater Photography Masterclass Ebook by Alex Mustard
  • Freshwater Fishes of Britain by Jack Perks

Product Reviews

  • Cannon 1Dx MK11 review  by Backscatter staff      
  • Fantasea revisited by Jussi Hokkanen 
  • Less is more by Mike Ross

Aquatic Life

  • Freshwater Fishes by Jack Perks


  • Poor Knights, NZ  by Alex Stammers
  • Palm Beach, Florida by Walt Stearns

My Shot by Charlotte Sams

Parting Shots by Alex Mustard and Dan Bolt


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