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May/June 2016 · 78 pages

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  • Red Sea bridge
  • Trident ROV

News Travel & Events

  • Saudi Arabia to build a 30-mile bridge across Red Sea to Egypt
  • 2016 Basking Shark Season
  • Lembeh Strait Photo Week
  • Jack and Sue Drafahl Digital Photo Class in Bonaire
  • UPY display at Chavonnes Battery Museum, Capetown
  • Wakatobi Getaway
  • Internet on Siren Palau
  • UnderwaterPhotography.com photo contest
  • Fiji Siren
  • Humpback Whales in Tonga
  • Gerald Rambert in Indonesia
  • Raja Ampat Expedition With Km Ambai
  • DEEP Indonesia 2016 Results Announced

New Products

  • Nauticam NA-D5 housing for Nikon D5
  • Ikelite Action Housing for Sony Cyber-shot RX100 III, RX100 IV
  • Dome Diffuser Pro
  • Zen underwater ports
  • LG2 flash diffuser for PT-056 Olympus TG4 housing
  • INON SD Front Mask STD
  • Gates GT14 14,000 Lumen Light
  • Ewa-Marine rental
  • Stanford develops underwater robot
  • Nauticam NA-1DXII for Canon EOS-1DX Mark II
  • Nauticam TTL Flash Trigger for Canon
  • Acquapazza update
  • 360fly Panoramic 360° HD Action Video Camera
  • Peak Design Clutch at Reef Photo
  • Pelican Air cases
  • New Sea & Sea website
  • Underwater - Black & White by Yann Hubert
  • Diving & Snorkeling Guide to Raja Ampat & Northeast Indonesia by Tim Rock and Simon Pridmore
  • Diving Guide Series Updated and New Edition Added

Product Reviews

  • Sony A7r11 review by Phil Rudin
  • Vivid-Pix review by Phil Rudin


  • Mike Korostelev by Duncan Whittaker
  • Lorenz Mäder by Karen Stearns


  • NAD Lembeh by Tony Myshlyaev
  • Gangga by Len Deeley
  • Lochcarron by Peter Rowlands

Marine Life

  • Cryptic crustaceans by Mark Webster

Book Reviews

  • by Walter Starck & Peter Rowlands

My Shot by Tony Myshlyaev 

Parting Shot by Daniel Poloha


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