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UwP33 cover


Nov/Dec 2006 · 51 pages

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  • DivePhotoGuide survey
  • British Underwater Images festival 2007
  • UnderwaterCompetition
  • Galapagos with Mauricio Handler
  • Images from the Sea by Rodger Klein
  • SeaShepherd Operation Leviathan

New Products

  • Ikelite Nikon D80
  • Olympus E-400 and PT-E03 housing
  • EWA Marine U-XBP and XBP100 housings
  • Tokina 10-17mm fisheye zoom
  • Aquatica EOS30D housing
  • Sea & Sea Nikon D80 housing
  • Nexus Nikon D80 housing
  • Digideep fashion

Product Reviews

  • Nikon 105mm VR lens by Alex Mustard
  • GreenWater Magic filters by Peter Rowlands

Underwater Photographer Profile

  • The Elephant Man - Steve Bloom by Peter Rowlands


  • Beneath North SulaweSea by Michael Aw


  • Blue Water photography by Tim Rock

Marine Life

  • Hunky Dory by Mark Webster

Underwater Photo Competitions

  • Shell Wildlife 2006 by Alex Mustard
  • Antibes 2006 by Alex Mustard

Book reviews

  • Water Vision by Marco Zanni
  • Beneath North SulaweSea by Michael Aw
  • Cool Waters, Emerald Seas by John Collins
  • Terra & Agua by Marcelo Krause
  • Coral Reefs by Walter and Jean Deas

Parting Shot by Peter Johansson


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