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UwP19 cover


June/July 2004 · 57 pages

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  • Ikelite Canon 10-D Digital SLR Housing
  • ULCS Multi-Battery tester
  • Fantasea CP-3.7 Housing for Coolpix 3700
  • Subal C1S housing for the Canon EOS-1DS
  • Subal CG5 housing for Canon PowerShot G5
  • Gates Sony VX2100/PD170 housing
  • L&M Tetra 5060

Locations & Marine Life

  • Fiji's Soft Coral Paradise by Jeff Mullins
  • Concern in the Galapagos - A report from Sea Shepherd


  • Remotely Operated Photography
  • by Alexander Mustard and Daniel Jones
  • "Look Mum! No bubbles" by Sascha Schulz
  • Back to Basics by Alex Mustard and Giles Shaxted
  • Correcting lenses for underwater use by Peter Scoones and Peter Rowlands
  • Digital SLR by Peter Rowlands

Parting shot by Peter Rowlands


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